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    Text by Dr Kevin


    With the launch of McLaren’s new 650S, the 12C can be easily forgotten in the background.

    McLaren wants to stress that 650S is not a replacement for 12C but a brand new model which slots itself between the 12C and the P1.


    Including the rumoured baby McLaren codename “P13” coming up next year, I am absolutely loving McLaren’s new line up.


    All the hype about the 650S is justified as it looks like a P1 and it is astoundingly gorgeous.

    So what happen to our beloved 12C then? Just to reassure everyone that it is still bloody good, I took it out for an overnight drive.


    The last time I drove the 12C was with the touch sensor doors. It was unfortunately the most ridiculous system ever. So they changed it to a real button instead, thank you McLaren engineers!


    The car still looks stunning; the silver paintwork makes the car less “look at me”. This is why I adore British sports cars, unassuming to the masses but respected by the few.


    When both the dihedral doors are opened it is one of the most marvellous spectacle ever. I still appreciate the distinctive exhaust location, which is just utterly special.


    It’s one of those cars that appear fast even if it is stationery.


    The twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 produces 616bhp, which is brilliant for the relatively small engine size of a supercar. This brings the car from 0-100km/hr in 3.1 seconds…yup that’s a lot faster than any car on the road. The amazing thing is that when I floor the gas pedal it doesn’t scare me to bits, so it enables an average driver to push the car with confidence.


    My advised is the go for the optional carbon ceramic brakes, it is definitely worth it.


    The 12C now already legendary carbon fibre monocell chassis is still what really makes the car stands out.

    The upgraded transmission setting is much better as the throttle response is improved with faster and smoother clutch control. This translate to better driving dynamics and to me lots more fun!!


    When driven hard the sound that you get from the 12C is unquestionably spine tingling, the other sensory experience that you get at 8000rpm on track mode is something that I cannot explain fully… but it’s awesome.



    I tried putting on my son’s child seat which was effortless; just make sure the passenger airbags are off. Multi-storey and underground car parks are simple to manoeuvre. Always get the vehicle lifter option, trust me it’s really not worth saving on that.


    The boot up front is spacious enough for most shopping and day trips up north.

    Not surprisingly the fuel consumption is comparable to most supercars which is basically abysmal, but I really think that’s the last thing on your mind if the 12C is sitting in the drive way.