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  2. Manage to get the filter and ZF8? the model of the gearbox is 8HP70. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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  4. Understand that you can do this with XJ but not XF.
  5. Same thing happened to me after a 10 day trip. First time changing since I got the car in June 2015. Called a mobile battery service. Brand used is Hoppecke. Much cheaper than the price quoted. Should have gotten my sis to start the car a few times to save this money when I was away.
  6. spot on. we think alike. I did try. but boot wont open 'automatically'.
  7. C1 engine oil is tough to find in our local market. Those that i manage to get all came from wearnes...thus retailling at abv $30per litre. However i just manage to find a shop selling c1 engine oil fuchs brand at a much cbeaper price. Not advertising for anyone...but if u guys wanna get some can go look for mxtrading.
  8. De kit from my jaguar XF Brembo 6 pot BBK w 356mm rotor. Comes with mounting bracket for direct fit for jag XF. BBK in good condition. Rotor n brake pads with lots of life left. Asking for $2.2k Interested pls pm me or whatsapp me at 9six904six9six
  9. Huh? Isit? Strange. I just ordered w/o any issue. Just fyi, I used my PayPal. Maybe you try contact Seller. They shipped within a week. Alternatively, can try other sellers..........
  10. Hi, sure. Give me some time. Just collected my car after PM. I forgot to take pics during the process. Was too engross. I'll share once taken.
  11. also if the resistance is quite strong, what if you only use 1 new and 1 old? instead of both new?
  12. ebay says does not ship to singapore. Can share how you shipped it over? Anyway thanks for all your mods. really power! >>> eBay Review shipping This item does not ship to Singapore. Here is what you can do: Change address Pick a different item that ships to you
  13. looking to explore more options in terms of servicing, any bros with have experience with them can PM me the stuff you did and pricing as well?
  14. Hi...yes it's fuse cover next to accelerator. The obd port is also close by. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  15. Info is for anyone using IRoad V9 ..there is a recall on their faulty lens contact the local agent corvit @ 66590141 for replacement. One for one exchange on the spot ...drove to their showroom at Mid view and they swooped on the spot. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  16. Hi letting go H&R spring ($200, nego) and BC Forged 19 inch rim for XE 2.0D. Interested please whatsapp me @91998940 for more details. Thanks.
  17. Hi I have managed to find out. It's the internal fuse box cover located next to the accelerator.
  18. Hi I was detailing my car today and found this under my driver seat. I bought a 2nd hand 2014 XF. Anyone can help identify where this belong? Thanks in advance.
  19. Selling a set of replica HRE aftermarket rims with HANKOOK ventus tires. Complete set. Tires about 70% . Rims profile 18"x8j Tires 245/45/18 Rims are light weight. No kerb rash or warp. Whole set looking at 600. Cash carry Rims out of car and kept. Keen WhatsApp 93388772
  20. Welcome and your ride is very nice Kevin. Do join us during our get-together sessions.
  21. Haven't gone for one that, but my workshop says more likely than not it wouldn't pass
  22. Welcome to the forum. I am pretty new to the brand and forum as well. Have a safe trip up north!
  23. plenty of stations carry euro 5 diesel, too numerous to list, but most main stream stations like Shell, Petronas, Petron, Bhp etc all list euro 5 diesel stations on their respective malaysian websites. did you buy your car recently? 2nd hand by any chance?
  24. Dear fellow Jaguar drivers I'm Kevin, new to the club & forum. I am driving a Jaguar XF 2.2 D. Hope to get to know more friends here to go Malaysia together. I'll be driving up north to KL & Ipoh this Friday. Are there Euro 5 diesel all the way to Ipoh or only till KL? Is there anyway I can get a map of the stations? Or any suggestion to prominent Shell stations with Euro 5? Anybody keen to meet up for Kopi to share tips on Jaguar, let me know. I am new to Jaguar. Kevin
  25. Bro, can show how you "connect to rear lamp wire loom." ? thanks!
  26. did it really fail inspection? what did the inspection say? did you try to claim that it was stock white? tks in advance.
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