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  2. Original XE S 19" rims (8/10) Michelin PS4S tyres (80% thread) Front 225/40R19 Rear 255/35R19 Asking $2.2k
  3. You can go Autobolt to let them have a look. I have had similar cases and they fixed it for me.
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  6. WpJag

    Crankshaft Pulley Premature Failure

    Just to prepare myself for this as my XF 2.0 registered in July 2014 is nearly 89000 km. Is yours a petrol version? I will have it checked during my next service at my regular workshop.
  7. Hi folk, like to ask if any one had replaced their 2014 xf2.0 driver door latch mechanism. If so, do u still have the old unit or a picture of it as I am not sure if the unit found in the Internet is the correct part. Current problem faced withDriver Door can't lock & unlock with smart key and dash buttons. With drive away locking, it does not lock even so all other doors works as normal. it can be locked and unlocked with the driver lock lever and still activate the central lock. Driver door won't lock with the any external door buttons even so other doors are locked. when the driver door is locked using the lock lever, it can be opened by the passive keyless entry with the smart key near the door. hope to have your guidance or if anyone has purchased from any internet site before.
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  9. yes we do. please contact me at 8333 9397 for a quicker response
  10. Hello, Do you have personnal accident insurance ?
  11. Selling race chip ultimate the older version for $100 for jaguar xe or xf can go Racechip Singapore install the lastest software of your car , hardness is for xe or xf or any jaguar . Whatsapp me 96901295
  12. BlueJag


    Please PM if interested. Refer to link https://sg.carousell.com/p/241585853 Special price for members. I am selling due to upgrade, No dealer please. Thks for visiting
  13. Thomass

    MWTS - XE 18-inch Templar wheel

    Ups. Price nego
  14. SKC

    Crankshaft Pulley Premature Failure

    Hi Dear friend, The warning light , <battery not charged> only appeared instantly after the fault as the battery charging alternator is also driven by the pulley belt.
  15. eavr4

    MAP update

    https://jaguar.welcome.naviextras.com/ But expensive!!! 200+! Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  16. Thomass

    MWTS - XE 18-inch Templar wheel

    Updated to include photos of kerb rash
  18. Thomass

    MWTS - XE 18-inch Templar wheel

    Updated to include indicative price
  19. As above. Am thinking of switching wheels to 19 inch. Currently on Templar wheel (staggered offset). slight kerb rash on 1 front and 1 rear rims. Will upload pic if anyone is interested. full set $800 neg (with tyres ~ 18k mileage). pm if interested. Thanks
  20. Nice. Mine's X260.. doesn't seem to have any aftermkt exhaust systems for it
  21. 88nigel88

    GB : E pace sun shades

    I am interested
  22. If you have an x250, I have a set of Minagallery Quad exhausts. MY MOT Test deemed these illegal in Hong Kong as they were seems as after market replacements. So had to take it off. I only used them for less than 200KM. So virtually new. It definitely provides a throatier exhaust in the low ranges of 2500 - 3500 Revs Details of the exhaust can be found in www.minagallery.com
  23. Item still available. Please be genuine, serious and respectful of everyone time. Thank you. Cheers.
  24. Beast

    Crankshaft Pulley Premature Failure

    I don't drive that generation of XF but thanks nevertheless for the information. Looking back, while you said it was "without any warning", were there any warning signs/sounds, even though that you didn't heed back then but looking back were indicative of what eventually happened?
  25. Hi, I am new here and his is my first post I think it is good for me to share with the XF buddies here for safety reason. I had my XF(May 2015, milage 87000km) towed back to Wearnes at mid of June because of the crankshaft pulley fault, because the steering wheel can hardly be turned at all. I was very lucky as it happened suddenly without any warning when I was moving very slowly out of the immigration checkpoint exit area, not at highway. The steering wheel cannot move because the steering pump had stopped. This pump is driven by the pulley belt I would consider this is a premature failure of the coupler material which is usually an elastomer. Owners of the same batch manufactured in early 2015 should consider replacement of the pulley to avoid unforeseen accident
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