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  2. Cleaning MAF Sensor

    Recently encountered the dreaded P006A code. Decided to DIY cleaning the MAF sensor before sending into a workshop for further assessment as my warranty has just expired. My ride is an XF 2.2D Feb 2015 with a mileage of about 65K km. Below are some photos: Error Code: P006A Location of MAF Sensor After removing the sensor. The hot-wired sensor is very dirty from exposure to carbon, dirt and oil particle. Use only dedicated MAF cleaner. Give the sensor unit a thorough spray and let it dry. After the cleaning, the sensor is as good as new...
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  4. JaguarXE WhatsApp Group

    Hi everyone šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m JH. Like to be add in the chat group too. Nice meeting you all. šŸ˜Š
  5. My first 12 days of ownership

    Hi everyone, I'm a noob to jaguar. Chanced upon this post since long ago. Today is my 12th day of owning my jag so I thought I'd continue in bro's scaredycat's post. I'd like to share my experience with the jag so far. My post is by no means to counter or supersede his original post but more a reflection of my experience. I got myself an xe 20T prestige. White beauty. Loved the car at first sight. Test drove it and loved it even more. I agree with most of scaredycat's review about the car. There are some slight variances. 1. Incontrol system without the ability to use Incontrol app is unacceptable! 2. Audio system is definitely passable, especially after tuning the settings for bass and treble. I dunno if they did upgrade the speakers or system since 2015. 3. Gear shifts up pretty decently but it's the downshifts that get to me. It causes jerks. I'm allowing the gear box which is newly used to have some time to wear in, after which I'm expecting smoother shifts. 4. Fuel economy is fine for me. I'm getting 10 - 10.8 on average city driving on mostly normal mode. I rarely shift the knob to eco mode unless I'm on the highway. I expect fuel economy to improve after the gear box wears in. Many factors impact fuel economy. The tires fitted are 225 (front) and 245 (rear) run flats pirelli cinturato p7. They offer very good rolling so I'm keeping them. I'm my last experience, increasing rim size and getting low profile tires caused my fuel consumption to increase by about 20%. Second factor is weight - that's why I keep my spare at home in the store. Thirdly, I tell myself not to be heavy-footed. It's the starts from traffic junctions that actually gobble fuel. 5. Build quality is typical or comparable to German cars but some argue it's not as posh. I agree. Being in a c-class will make you regret buying a jag. However, the ubiquitous c-class comes with a higher price tag and more expensive parts. Squeaky noises are inevitable sometimes but for my last ride, I found wd40 to be an absolutely amazing aid to get rid of such noises. 6. My eco start-stop had no issues. Worked from the very first time I drove out of the collection centre. This however is somewhat annoying. The engine rattles awake and vibrates the whole car when it auto-starts. I tend to switch off the eco system at times because the waits at traffic lights aren't really that long. And if you'd accidentally turn the steering wheel even a little or adjust the ac to make it cooler or stronger fan, then the auto-start resumes. Moreover, will this frequent stopping and starting harm the engine or shorten it's life? This is all from me. Hope you guys can weigh in on your experiences.
  6. RE: Tires Tires Tires

    That's exactly what I thought. Save the money for more important things. Thanks!
  7. RE: Tires Tires Tires

    Runflats has its own set of pros and cons. Many articles online to read them up In my humble opinion, runflats are not necessary in a small place like SG Since it came with your car, why not just use them till you need to change tyres. Rather than spending money to swap them out now
  8. RE: Tires Tires Tires

    Hi everyone, my xe is fitted with pirelli cinturato p7 run flat tires. I've read in other forums that you should get rid of run flat tires immediately as they don't function as well as the conventional types. I then read and watched third party YouTube videos regarding this pirelli tires and understand that they're the best run flats available now. These tires also come with a 70k mile warranty on wear, that's more than 100k km. So, question is: do I change the stock tires seeing they're a good set?
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  10. Renew COE - Jaguar XF 2011

    If I'm renewing it will be In 3 years time. Just wanna check if anyone has done this before and the experience of maintaining a COE car. Thanks!
  11. Insurance

    Thank you brother! have talked with Luke, now working on policy review
  12. Insurance

    Hi Bro, you can contact Luke at 83339397. Have shared your message with him... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Insurance

    Hi DarkNight , how can I contact Luke for a talk about insurance for my XF 2015. My insurance policy with AIG is due by end of March, but strangely I have yet received renewal notice from AIG to date. Also , I noticed my policy is a Wearnes Auto Proctor (WAP). Does it mean under WAP , I am not allowed to send the car for repairing to the two workshops ( cannot recall the full name ) recommended by the brothers in this forum as their names are not in the appointed workshop list ? after 31 March ( 3 years warranty ), I am wondering if there is a package from Wearnes now worthy signing up to extend the services with it ? Appreciate a guidance. thank you.
  14. DRL head light not working

    Thank u so much for the advise. Any recommended electrical shop?
  15. Jag XE Door Outer Rubber seal strip

    Thank you!
  16. Jag XE Door Outer Rubber seal strip

    The rubber seal comes with 3m tape. Just need to use scissors to cut e rubber to fit the length n take out the tape n paste it. No picture abt e guide but attached on the dirts it reduces .
  17. Jag XE Door Outer Rubber seal strip

    Any picture to guide our follow bros along? I am keen in the DIY
  18. Jag XE Door Outer Rubber seal strip

    need to find time to DIY too P shape rubber seal should be able to get from hardware shop?
  19. #1. Health #2. Family harmony #3. Wealth Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  20. Potential Maintenance Solution to DPF Full

    Another list of options you can consider: Penrite: LiquiMoly: Lamda:!4281!3!196503422347!!!g!!&utm_source=google&utm_medium=sem_non_brand&utm_content=370022164048_189686478_118097605&utm_campaign=834366633&utm_term=41513509806_xxso0000000at0000_c_aud-362899553477:pla-370022164048&adjust_tracker=t2v78t_5n20iw&adjust_campaign=834366633&adjust_adgroup=41513509806_c_aud-362899553477:pla-370022164048&adjust_creative=370022164048_189686478_118097605&tracker_limit=1000000&ef_id=WkENsgAABaaeeymL:20180305132637:s
  21. Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    Thanks guys for all the various ways to clean up the mess. I have managed to test on a few buttons and so far looks ok. I scrapped off using finger nail and then use axe brand medicated oil with a cloth gently rub the sticky gooi stuff away. Looks shiny. Am just not happy why is it happening to a premium brand though.
  22. DRL head light not working

    you can try going to those car electronic shops. it might be just the fuse. better to get it check by an expert. if you wanna diy and try can try opening the fuse box and try to swap a working one to it.
  23. Share where you place your mobile phone

    i'm using those hp number that is slotted into the cd slot. =)
  24. Renew COE - Jaguar XF 2011

    you planning to renew now or when your car coe expire?
  25. Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    Hi all, I have the same problem with my 2013 XF also. Saw this solution on the internet and tried it on my sticky buttons. It works ! - Mix 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda (can buy from local ABC store for $1 a box) with a little hot water to make a thick paste. Wrap a cloth around your fore finger, dap the tip of the cloth with the baking soda paste and gently rub in on the sticky rubber coating. After a while the sticky rubber coating will bind with the paste and be removed. (can a bit messy with all the loose bits and paste dropping off,) The paste does not dissolve or remove the markings and you will end up with a smooth plastic surface with the markings intact. I spent about an hour over the weekend to remove all the sticky coatings. (Do not use solvents or try to scrap off the sticky coating with scrapper/fingernails etc as the markings will be removed as well). My little contribution to the forum. Cheers.
  26. How can a 318i be better than a XE? No way!
  27. Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    hey guys, i have tried and shared during the gtg. you can use isophy alcohol and a clean cloth. rub gently with increasing strength so as not to clean off the marking too. alcohol can be found in Guardian stores.
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