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  2. Thomass

    MWTS - XE 18-inch Templar wheel

    Updated to include indicative price
  3. Last week
  4. As above. Am thinking of switching wheels to 19 inch. Currently on Templar wheel (staggered offset). slight kerb rash on 1 front and 1 rear rims. Will upload pic if anyone is interested. full set $800 neg (with tyres ~ 18k mileage). pm if interested. Thanks
  5. Nice. Mine's X260.. doesn't seem to have any aftermkt exhaust systems for it
  6. 88nigel88

    GB : E pace sun shades

    I am interested
  7. If you have an x250, I have a set of Minagallery Quad exhausts. MY MOT Test deemed these illegal in Hong Kong as they were seems as after market replacements. So had to take it off. I only used them for less than 200KM. So virtually new. It definitely provides a throatier exhaust in the low ranges of 2500 - 3500 Revs Details of the exhaust can be found in www.minagallery.com
  8. Item still available. Please be genuine, serious and respectful of everyone time. Thank you. Cheers.
  9. Beast

    Crankshaft Pulley Premature Failure

    I don't drive that generation of XF but thanks nevertheless for the information. Looking back, while you said it was "without any warning", were there any warning signs/sounds, even though that you didn't heed back then but looking back were indicative of what eventually happened?
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi, I am new here and his is my first post I think it is good for me to share with the XF buddies here for safety reason. I had my XF(May 2015, milage 87000km) towed back to Wearnes at mid of June because of the crankshaft pulley fault, because the steering wheel can hardly be turned at all. I was very lucky as it happened suddenly without any warning when I was moving very slowly out of the immigration checkpoint exit area, not at highway. The steering wheel cannot move because the steering pump had stopped. This pump is driven by the pulley belt I would consider this is a premature failure of the coupler material which is usually an elastomer. Owners of the same batch manufactured in early 2015 should consider replacement of the pulley to avoid unforeseen accident
  12. https://sg.carousell.com/p/20”-rays-waltz-forged-s7-238023577/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Flscalan%2F&ref_sId=1136556
  13. Alan Lim

    WTS: XE rubber floor mat

  14. Matt Black Fibre Material Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust Tip Style for XE. Slightly smaller by about 1cm but can still be installed via minor modification. However, i prefer zero modification so my loss is your gain. Letting go at SGD120. Cheers.
  15. Jon_5834

    Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust

    Hi, I am planning to get one.. Do you mind show a photo what you mean by short 1.5cm?
  16. ft8478b

    Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust

    Hi Folks, Anyone installed rear diffuser for quad exhaust tip on your XE? I shipped in one from China but it is short by about 1.5cm. Kindly share and advise if you gotten one that fit nicely. Thank you in advance. Cheers Fed
  17. Came with the car. Headking S2000. Comfort drive and its extremely quiet. No patching done before. Very fresh tyres as all are manufactured in 10+ weeks of 2019. Selling off as i prefer high performance tyres. 225/45/18. $220 for 4 pcs. 97636820
  18. Hi all rides going off soon, my rim looking for new owner to look after
  19. Hello Fellow Jag Brethren, I am new to the Jag club and am certainly feeling excited and privileged at the same. It was a long time dream to own the Jag XF and finally I got mine albeit a 2 year plus old handsome creature. It drives well certainly but I noticed that the front 2 doors made a loud "piak" or "click" sound when I open my doors in the morning. And later when I get off the car and open the doors, we hear it again. We figured out that as long as the door has been shut for half an hour It will produce this noise when they next open. Sounds almost "Plastic-y" if there is such a word. Attached a video and would like to seek fellow Jag lovers if you have every encountered such a problem? Many thanks. PS: the Jag XF does drive like a dream... VID_20190622_100211.mp4
  20. scaredycat

    Bluetooth issues with Samsung galaxy

    Had the same problem. It will work fine after you delete your iphone and Samsung bluetooth profile in the Jaguar and pair again with your Samsung. At least, that worked for me.
  21. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Now u sounded much better. Its autoimage at sin ming. Anyway, sometimes its juz luck if u happen to be assigned a technician that isnt tat experience or happen to wk up on the wrong side of the bed on that day. Age of your ride matters too as panel will degrade as time passes. Dun touch, no problem. Once touched, it might juz cracked. In short, we can do our research and go to those workshops with good reviews but also be prepared that shit happens at times too. Enjoy ur mods.
  22. Letting go original Jaguar XE front and rear brake pads. Brand new in box. Front brake pads part reference number: T4N13433 Rear brake pads part reference number: T2H7439/T2R36215 Front and rear sold together. PM me.
  23. Loh_Meow

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Which installer please? I'm paranoid of those that break clips and create new noises after putting everything back together.
  24. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    https://esattoaudio.it/esatto-comado-series/ S62.
  25. Loh_Meow

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    What speakers did you use and which installer did you go to?
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