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  5. Khairister

    Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    if you do it separately, you will be paying for labour twice.
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  7. Darkknight

    Bluetooth issues with Samsung galaxy

    Hi any bros facing issue with the Bluetooth getting repeatedly disconnected when playing music? I used to pair my xe with an iPhone and never had any issue except that it took about 10 seconds or so to start automatically plying my music. I recently changed to a samsung s10 and the stereo system by default plays the radio. When I connect it to Bluetooth it plays my music for a few seconds then gets disconnected. I have to wait like 30 seconds or so before I see the Bluetooth option on the xe screen again. However even after reconnecting again, the connection will drop again. Anyone facing or faced this issue? Any fix?
  8. Hyuga

    XE mods

    Hi, have the following authentic jaguar chrome parts for sale. Brand new 1. Chrome trill/blades - $150 2. Chrome vents with r sports logo - $250
  9. Hi, have the following for sale. Items brand new, authentic Jaguar parts 1. One set chrome front trill/blades - $150 2. One set side vent with r sport logos - $250 text me at 8-triple3-double6-9seven if keen
  10. Hi, springs still available?
  11. Which gen XF driving? I was running LED on my 2010 X250. Quite a bit of work. Frankly HID is fine. As for exhaust, new toy in the market is Acoustic Soundbooster https://www.active-sound.eu/en/active-sound
  12. Dear bros Happy May 1st! I'm looking for workshops that are able to convert the standard headlights to LED. Been also trying to find one to change the original muted exhaust system for a more throaty tune and free flow performance, but the usual shops don't do Jags. Any bros with recommendations pls? Thanks in advance!
  13. Selling Carshades sunshades 6 pieces (4 for rear passenger windows and 2 for rear windscreen) imported from UK and also original boot tray. Sunshades $80 (orig price $150) Boot tray $100 (orig price $400) Pls pm or text 97four77three58
  14. Makapook


  15. Makapook

    Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    I did mine separately... Always seek second opinion if not sure... Get quotes
  16. Makapook

    Door lock issue

    Try Autobolt if you are outside of warrantry. They are Jag specialists... Get a quote from them before committing...
  17. Makapook


    Hi Wearnes Any new promos in 2019?
  18. Awesome! That's alot of savings! Might get anther Keychain
  19. JP-Empire

    WTS Chrome Door Mirror Covers for XJL

    Must sell to clear space. Reasonable offers considered.
  20. Must sell to clear space. Reasonable offers considered.
  21. Must sell to clear space. Reasonable offers considered.
  22. jellybean

    Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    Recently informed that my engine mounts (under warranty) are due for change which is causing interior vibrations. Was told by Wearnes that there is no need to change the transmission mount yet as it is still functional. Question : Is it a must to change both engine mounts and transmission mount together as a set? Or the engine mounts and transmission mount can be replaced independently? Thanks for any advice in advance!
  23. idaddy88

    Door lock issue

    Hi bros, one of my door lock is not working. Planning to get the whole mechanism from stockist and fix by workshop. How much is the labour cost ? Any recommended workshop? Thanks.
  24. Want to swap my set of genuine BBS CIR 19 x 8 ET 45 and Goodyear F1 Assy 2 245/40/19 for your stock Xf wheels and tyres. Very good condition no curb rashes on replaceable stainless steel protector. Rims and tyres are only half year plus old and left about 25k to 30k on tyres. Selling car so have to dekit this fine set of wheels. Swap with buyer and buyer tops up 2k. Negotiable pls pm or offer asap before it goes to dealer. 97 four 77 three 5 eight. Welcome enquiries.
  25. jellybean

    XF Main Battery

    Thanks for the reply bro! How many months of warranty does SKM Motorworks provide for the battery?
  26. Tintin in Sg

    XF Main Battery

    Bro, I changed the battery for $420, excluding GST at my workshop SKM Motorworks. Original Varta 12V 95Ah battery. If you need contact, can PM me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. jellybean

    XF Main Battery

    Has anyone gotten quotes from both Wearnes and Autobolt for XF's main battery before? What is the expected damage from either workshops? I read somewhere in the forum that it cost $500 from Autobolt but not sure if this is still the case. Thanks!
  28. XFS


    Try Autobolt. Call 92329154 and look for Roger.
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