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  2. You cleared the code, but before that you got the error code checked? What did it say? Clearing the code does not solve the problem. If you have modded or put in piggyback, "CEL" and "Restricted Performance" is likely to appear. Incidentally, XF 2010 onwards have not much problem based on what I can see in our group of kakis. You need to identify the root of the problem you are seeing now. Once resolved you should have a rewarding ride.
  3. I just dont know what is going on with this car, losing confidence in it and Jaguars in general. There seems to be alot of these threads on various forums..... I have had the battery checked, underload aswell, all ok. I had the codes cleared and light doesnt appear on idle or even at slow speed, but the 1st time I speed up the `Restricted Performance` message comes up along with `DSC Not Available`. The codes that has come back is `P0489 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit A Low`. So I am at a loss as to what the issue is, and why it would affect the DSC..... Any further suggestions welcome although I feel a trip to the robbing buggers at Jag might be on the cards.
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  5. Wow an XF 2.7. Seen them in Europe but didn't know we have that here. Thought they only bought 3Ls. Which workshop did you go to? Is it a Jaguar specialised workshop? IF not, I suggest you go to Autobolt. I believe they can help you identify problem. I have been to them few times before with Restricted Performance, and they could fix it. Now with CB, call to make sure they are open before you go.
  6. You can try Autobolt. Call to ask.
  7. I have a 2009 XF 2.7, I’ve been getting the Restricted Performance message with the DSC light coming on. Long story short it’s been in the garage and had a pair of New EGR valves fitted, a pair of MAFs fitted and no leaks from any turbo pipes. This still doesn’t sort it, anyone have any other ideas? This is my 1st Jaguar but I’m running out of patience and time with it.
  8. This from Carousell: https://sg.carousell.com/p/10-25-inch-android-head-unit-for-jaguar-xe-f-pace-283558617/?t-id=6124679_1587489153895&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=E8tNx__gIMX7_GoQ&t-referrer_search_query=jaguar head unit&t-referrer_sort_by=popular
  9. Woah, saw the android units on AliExpress. I tried searching on carousell but can’t find anyone selling them. Also, any idea any workshop that is able to install these android units?
  10. The software change required, new media interface unit and harnesses might be too challenging for most. There are a couple of options, first being a Chinese copy which you can buy off AliExpress. I think there are also local installers that listed this on Carousell. Second option, which is what I would have preferred, is to purchase a CarPlay/Android Auto interface for your existing panel.
  11. Nope. Tan Lim Motor. Hope the reply not too late for u. in case yours is really alternator issue, reach me Fahami as I have a spare alternator which I am selling.
  12. Anyone has contacts to retrofit the widescreen in control touch pro on the XE? I find the 8 inch too small.
  13. Hi Folks, I saw from racechip singapore facebook post that one XE 2.0T installed racechip GTS with them. May i know if the owner is in this forum? If yes, can share your experience? At the same time, im also trying to gather info or reviews on TDI tuning. Thank you everyone in advance. Cheers and still have a good weekend ahead amid the current covid-19 situation. Stay safe and healthy.
  14. Just whack cos JAG is never about good FC (except for hybrid models), its the sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and thrill you gained while u r pumping the accelerator behind the wheels... 😄
  15. Have a full set of car window shades in good condition @$100 contact Ray @ 97490976
  16. Workshop wrongly diagnosed the alternator faultY which actually wasn’t, hence have this alternator as spare since it was self purchased. Original price was 460$ before GST. Original Jaguar Part. pm me to offer. Rating : 14V, 180A Feel free time PM me or enquire here.
  17. Got it done below $400 (pulley & labor & gst) at a workshop in 1 Defu lane 6. Tel 68585151. This workshop is an authorized workshop with many insurers which I had taken up in the past and currently. They do all the works themselves even spray painting. The mechanic was treating the Jag so gently and I was watching them doing it as it was my interest to understand how thing were done. Jag specialist at Kaki Bukit and Sin Ming was quoting at nearly 900 to over 1000 and won’t do it within the day. Job done in 2.5 hrs including waiting for the part. The part was also from Selegie auto spare part. If u bro face the issue, stop the car, off the air con, off the engine and restart the engine but do not on the air con and you should be safe to drive to your workshop. Btw mine is a 2 liter petrol made 2013 registered July-2014 model and broke down at 101000 km ride. Hope this helps you guys safe a bundle from the jag specialist workshop. My recommendation is also to have the belt change ($68 before gst) at the same time to save the future labor in doing so.
  18. Hi Tok, I just experience this issue an hour ago with ‘battery not charge” and realized the steering getting stiff after being being stucked in the slow moving traffic while entering KPE (sim entrance). I stop by the shoulder, stop the engine for a minute, and restart taking off and until I reach home. I will like to have the issue checked tomorrow. May I ask where did u get it change and how much it cost for the labor and parts? Is it necessary to change the battery? @skc, can u advise above too. Appreciate reply from both.
  19. You can call Roger directly on this number 92329154
  20. Hi XFS, thanks for the advice! I had actually dropped them an email early last week detailing the parts that needs replacing but have yet to hear back from them. Do you know if this is the correct autobolt email - autoboltsvc@singnet.com.sg ?
  21. Definitely Autobolt. I have been with them since 6 years ago. Their level of service had a big jump since 1-2 years ago, and I have been happier. When I get my next JAggg (assuming I still have the money), I will be looking for Roger at Autobolt again. 😉
  22. Hi All! I have been going to Wearnes for regular servicing as it was under Wearnes warranty. However the warranty has recently ended and I am now looking for external Jaguar specialist workshops. Understand that the pricing of these 3 workshops are fairly similar, hence my question is which of these 3 would be most proficient in handling Jaguars with the appropriate diagnostic equipment and qualified technicians? Look forward to your comments and opinions!
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