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    RE: Tires Tires Tires

    Runflats has its own set of pros and cons. Many articles online to read them up In my humble opinion, runflats are not necessary in a small place like SG Since it came with your car, why not just use them till you need to change tyres. Rather than spending money to swap them out now
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    Renew COE - Jaguar XF 2011

    If I'm renewing it will be In 3 years time. Just wanna check if anyone has done this before and the experience of maintaining a COE car. Thanks!
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    Thank you brother! have talked with Luke, now working on policy review
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    Jag XE Door Outer Rubber seal strip

    The rubber seal comes with 3m tape. Just need to use scissors to cut e rubber to fit the length n take out the tape n paste it. No picture abt e guide but attached on the dirts it reduces .
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    Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    Hi all, I have the same problem with my 2013 XF also. Saw this solution on the internet and tried it on my sticky buttons. It works ! - Mix 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda (can buy from local ABC store for $1 a box) with a little hot water to make a thick paste. Wrap a cloth around your fore finger, dap the tip of the cloth with the baking soda paste and gently rub in on the sticky rubber coating. After a while the sticky rubber coating will bind with the paste and be removed. (can a bit messy with all the loose bits and paste dropping off,) The paste does not dissolve or remove the markings and you will end up with a smooth plastic surface with the markings intact. I spent about an hour over the weekend to remove all the sticky coatings. (Do not use solvents or try to scrap off the sticky coating with scrapper/fingernails etc as the markings will be removed as well). My little contribution to the forum. Cheers.
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    James YJ Lim

    Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    hey guys, i have tried and shared during the gtg. you can use isophy alcohol and a clean cloth. rub gently with increasing strength so as not to clean off the marking too. alcohol can be found in Guardian stores.
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    2018 Jaguar Club Sg CNY Lohei

    Sharing some photos of our CNY Lohei on 26 Feb 2018 at Majestic Restaurant. Group photos and also award to our Best Motivator Kaki Keith for year 2017!!
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    Hi Guys Just sharing this add-on. Some of you may remember of my previous $2 daiso hook solution for my Garmin. So, I finally removed that and replaced with a wider and sleeker DIY screen. Bought form eBay, its a phablet made by Aoson. Been searching around for awhile till i stumbled into this. Not expensive (ard $80 plus SGD). Below some pics to share. My previous Garmin; This is the phablet I used tinting film to mask out the metallic hooks and the brand on the back Just by inserting the hooks into the gaps on dash, this is how it look View from outside windscreen and side view I had to remove Garmin cables and re-run new cable for the phablet. The original cable provided is straight type. I need to get an angled connector (yes, eBay). Note that there's 2 types of angle, left 90 deg or right 90 deg. This is so call left 90 deg I removed most of its original apps and installed Waze, Google map and Sygic. Sygic is nice but have to pay for premium, after 7 days trial. I put a Jag wallpaper to mimic original