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    Renew COE - Jaguar XF 2011

    My COE is ending in 2 years time and there is a high chance i might renew it. The engine is still smooth as silk. Other than the normal wear and tear, i think the car can last for a few good number of years. The only down side is, cost of parts can be expensive when you buy locally. If you can wait for the parts to arrive from overseas, you can have some cost savings there.
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    Air circulation on

    Woah...this must be one of jaguar's biggest screw ups. I'm quite sure they'll rectify the later versions but whether they'd upgrade our for free is another story. Thanks for the info Bro.
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    Air circulation on

    Don’t think there is a permanent switch. I do that every time I start my car. It’s part of the ritual, together with putting on seat belt, turning the gear knob from P to D and switching off the stop-start.
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    I didnt returned to Wearnes even still under warranty as I mod my car to certain extent,that members here will not do it becos of this and that... if u need, private msg me.. but its not cheap..