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    Time to find out the true what we should have in our Incontrol Touch Pro (ICT Pro). For those who own a Jaguar with ICT Pro may want to check if your WiFi function had been hidden. My XF 25t WiFi was shown to me as available when I received the car in Nov 2016, so I signed off and taken delivery. However when I want to use it the next day, it was not working. After sending my car back for this compliant, was told there is no such function in my ICT Pro. When I gotten my car back this function icon and setting were removed from my ICT Pro. All service sales and staffs denial ever seen such function in ICT pro. This until a recent software upgrade, when they had forgotten to hide this again. I was able to reunite with my beloved WiFi hotspot setting function again. Its still not working, because now I realise they sold us this function but delivered with parts missing. Again they play ignorance, "don't know" is their key services respond words. I would like to gather the view of ICT Pro owners on this subject. Please contact me if you feel as I am that we had been taken for a very bad ride and our next course of action. Attached the Jaguar Singapore website printout during the time I used to read and reference to for functionality before I order the car and recent photos of the mentioned ICT Pro connectivity. For those prefer to PM, please do. INCONTROL TOUCH PRO CONNECTIVITY.pdf