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    Folks- one of my latest clicks !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    De kit from my jaguar XF Brembo 6 pot BBK w 356mm rotor. Comes with mounting bracket for direct fit for jag XF. BBK in good condition. Rotor n brake pads with lots of life left. Asking for $2.2k Interested pls pm me or whatsapp me at 9six904six9six
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    Welcome and your ride is very nice Kevin. Do join us during our get-together sessions.
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    I was thinking of doin that logo thing but our XF doesn't have door entry light. Difficult to connect it. I kinda try refrain myself from installing those battery operated type, that sticks to the door. It works the same way but don't think will look nice bcos it protrudes and visible. I've seen some ppl install those. I've been figuring to install the logo projection light to discretely placed at bottom of door. I did this before in my previous car. It was not difficult bcos it has door entry and door ajar warning light. Need to drill a hole into door panel to install the projector and tap the source parallel to the entry lamp. Just to share...........how it was done on my previous ride...........
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    Bro, I bought from eBay. Similar to this....... https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-x-T10-Bright-White-6-5050-SMD-LED-168-194-W5W-Wedge-Turn-Signal-Light-Bulb/202040596043?hash=item2f0a8ed64b:g:WxMAAOSwumlZpmH-&vxp=mtr