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    Hi does anyone have any lobang to change the x260 side mirror puddle lights to LED? The original lights are strangely the only yellow ones on the car..
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    Hi RAD, oh LED set is an entirely diff setup from the bi-xenon. Sent from my MHA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Hi! Come join us on the gtg on the 1st oct.
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    Hi idaddy, Yes, i had same light turned on by itself issue before. I fixed the map light myself. Have to remove the entire lamp unit. Wipe clean the contact points of connectors and the 'touch' lens. Solved. Never surfaced again for past 1.5 years or more so. A/c compressor is not cheap. I replaced once before. But I did not repair at Wearnes. Cost me about 2K in total that includes other a/c servicing (sorry, I forgot the details, but its a standard stuff they do when replacing a/c compressor). My engine mount needs to change too. No time to do it yet. But won't be going to Wearnes.
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    Just to share further on this issue, while not stepping on the brakes fully gives me a chance of not being plagued with the issue (and it only crops up midway through the journey, not at the start), there will be days when the issue will still come back however gentle I have been on the brakes before that. Another way I have tried to 'overcome'/live with the issue, is to rev first before releasing the brakes in order to 'launch' the car. So far it has worked in the sense that I then avoid the sluggish move-off from stationary. What I do, when the car is already at a complete stop, is to transfer from my right foot pressing the brake pedal to the left foot pressing the brake pedal. Then just before I want to move off, I press the accelerator with my right foot before releasing the left foot from the brake pedal. It takes practice to avoid/lessen the jerkiness that comes with launching the car, if I am alone in the car then only I will suffer the consequences but if there are passengers, then it is quite pai seh.
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    Don't like their technical service hotline. Both line forever no ppl pick up and even after you leave your name and contact. No one will ever call back as well.