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  1. WTS Complete front bumper with all grilles and inserts (2011 XJL). Complete assembly (main upper & lower grille, lower corner chrome inserts, Jaguar emblem, cable loom, sensors etc). Simply plug and play. Excellent condition, no dings/dents/scratches. $850 cash & carry. Whatsapp to 9-triple one-2-double four-3.
  2. I'm open to reasonable offers. Text me if you're keen.
  3. Still looking. Pls contact me if you are selling.
  4. As good as new. Set of 4 pcs stock Aleutian rims in very good condition (no kerb rash): 19 x 9, ET49 19 x 10, ET46 Comes with Pirelli Pzero tires with 90% thread remaining: 245/45/R19 275/40/R19 Pls offer to 9-triple one-2-double four-3.
  5. Looking to buy the stock Kasuga 20inch rims or trade with my 19inch stock XJL rims. Whatsapp 9-triple one-2-double four-3. Thanks.
  6. Thanks XFed for your enlightening inputs. I've seen a few other XJs and the LEDs are all equally dim. My brother has an XF and the DRLs are really bright. Hard to believe that the higher XJ model does not have the DRL utility when the other models do. On a side note, the XJ owner's manual did refer to them as "Daylight Running Lamps". "DAYLIGHT RUNNING LAMPS In some countries, with the rotary control in the OFF or AUTO position, low beam headlamps, side lamps, tail, number plate lamps and, where fitted, side marker lamps will switch on automatically with the following conditions: • The ignition is on. • The gear selector is out of park. • The parking brake is not applied (is released) - market dependent." I also wonder of what use is the low beam when it is really unnoticeable, especially during daylight. And yes, I've checked with Wearnes and they confirmed changing the whole headlamp assembly is required. The dealer is not willing to replace the whole assembly at his cost and neither do I. I'm wondering if the dead LEDs should be a showstopper in getting that unit. Everything else looks fine.
  7. Hello guys, I am negotiating a purchase for a 2011 XJ 3.0 Diesel and have discovered some issues on the DRL: 1. 2-3 LEDs not lighted up on one side 2. DRL appears dim on both sides, even in low light Does anyone know if the LEDs can be repaired or replaced independently of the headlamp housing? I've checked with Wearnes and each headlamp assembly costs 3k plus for 1 unit. That is an expensive replacement. Thanks.
  8. Good point. I should have checked. And when I pointed it out to the dealer, he accepted that its a serious defect and assured that it can be repaired easily. Eventually i passed on that unit.
  9. Windscreen, not window film. The less severe ones had air bubbles (some has more, some less) close to edge of corner, whilst one had so many bubbles it literally compromised the water tightness and showed signs of water ingress. Perhaps just coincidental but it impressed on me so much that it became one of the first things i look out for.