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  1. Mason

    Poison Thread

    Hmmm...surely one of the electronic components in the cockpit is worth a couple of bucks on ebay?
  2. Mason

    Poison Thread

    explain to wife later.
  3. The real test for a woman is when the man has nothing. The real test for a man is when he has everything. - Lifted from Killiney Koptiam at Killiney Road.
  4. It's the entire package (shoes, work case, pen, rolli etc) Makapook. Very nice! The shoes look brand new! Not a speck of dirt! :thumbsup:
  5. It isn't everlasting when you're about to lose your patience due to what you think is your love one's "unreasonable" behaviour. So remember to love a little longer...
  6. I busy lah year end got lots of work. Sadly, nope. Wanted to get one or two pairs of Oxfords, but our country got limited selection of "good" male shoes. Going abroad soon so see what's nice there lor, haha.
  7. Mason

    RE: Be A Handsome Jag'ers

    Yeah! Yan Dao > all 15 items
  8. Hugo Boss has / had a sale?
  9. Mason

    Tires for Jaguar XF

    One more minor difference, CSC5P, 18 inch rims and above only.
  10. What's with you and large car shoes?
  11. Mason

    Travelogues - where are next heading to?

    I thought almost everything can be handled by the "auto-pilot" function? Though I'm curious, can a passenger airliner do a hammerhead turn?
  12. Mason

    tire blow out

    Second what Chaister said. More importantly, glad to hear that you are alright. Similar thing happend to my dad's jag many, many years ago. He was on the Benjamin Sheares' part of the ECP heading to AYE and travelling on the first lane when the tyre/wheel came off. You could actually see the tyre and wheel roll down the lane. For some reason or another, he managed to guide the car to the last lane without hitting anyone or the concrete barriers. Sent it to Malayan Motors and it was back on its feet a few days later! lol! Bloody warhorse of a jag.
  13. XJ is a little too "tow kay" for me. The significantly older XJ6 was less "tow kay"
  14. Looks a tad like a baby XJ?