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  1. Lousy Customer Service from Jaguar

    I believe this is the life cycle of every successful brand. The experience the same service issue with Audi when I owned the 1st generation of A5 with DRL LED head light which sold like hot cake. Eventually they have to build a new Audi Centre to cope with the high volume of cars.
  2. Dekitting XFR body at more than half the original price. All Original parts are bought and installed by Wearnes. XFR bonnet - $1500 XFR Front Bumper - $1500 Black Pack Grille with Red Growler - $300 XFR side skirts - $800 XFR Rear Bumper valiance. - 700 Further discount If buy all. XFR exhaust - $1000 I will require for your parts to be installed on my car. Labor costs to be borne by the buyer. interested please call me 8382 63O2. Hurry before they are gone!
  3. Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    you can try autobolt. they specialize in Jags
  4. Insurance

    You can get a quote from our sponsor ALG insurance. Luke will be more than happy to assist you. He will also be coming to our GTG and presenting some key aspect of car insurance.
  5. Life Time Servicing

    Hi have to agree with Kenneth. There's always 2 sides to a coin and nothing is perfect. Some might have experienced great services while others didn't. One can never satisfy everybody. This apply to any other brands of car be it BMW or Audi etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Castrol C1 oil for Jaguar

    i think its only fair that you see the product you are buying. Don't think it's offensive to ask to have a look.
  7. Interval for Maintenance XF D2.2

    we do get together (GTG) once in a while. Usually monthly. The last month GTG was at Bukit Timah Spruce. This month we doing it at Wearnes.
  8. Castrol C1 oil for Jaguar

    I just had a servicing done there and I saw them using Castrol 1 oil. No picture though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Castrol C1 oil for Jaguar

    autobolt use Castrol 1. If they don't please let us know. I'm quite sure they carry Castrol 1. There's also discount given to premium member Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. DIY GPS

    Wow! that's nice! love to see the real thing.
  11. Interval for Maintenance XF D2.2

    come join us at the July GTG to find out more.
  12. Question for seniors

    Hi Reece, glad to share with you on the mod i've done on my car when we meet at the 2 June GTG.
  13. Question for transmission

    see you guys!
  14. Navigation system

    depending the year of your car, some of the XF navigation system cannot search by postal code.
  15. Door lock issue

    had that issue before. could be because of the latch being loose if that's the case.