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  1. newbie11

    Wts- Fitness equipment

    Only left ab twister
  2. 1 dumbell set 2 barbell set 1 ab twister Specs and Prices in the picture Preferably self collect around Vivo Contact Sean at 83999.1.4.nine
  3. newbie11


    Coming soon
  4. newbie11

    Tom Hiddleston's Jaguar Ad banned

    Second link no issue no extra toll
  5. newbie11

    Macro photography

    But it's fun with manual [emoji122][emoji122]
  6. newbie11

    Macro photography

    It's the lens that makes the difference hahaha
  7. newbie11

    Grow your wealth.. here!

    U have to go on the ground and feel. And I feel the pace of correction is slowing and should enter into a loooong stable (read boring) state.
  8. newbie11

    makansutra - restaurants - general dining

    How come amac eat so much still so skinny
  9. newbie11

    Why the time on xf console is slow?

    Did they solve it
  10. newbie11

    GB: Millers UK Engine Oil for XF/XJ Diesel Jaguars

    Anything for petrol? I always let workshop buy and do everything ..
  11. Price point not comparable leh.. Just go with your heart la
  12. newbie11

    Buying second hand XF 2009

    Congrats bro.. Mine is 09 xf too.. Serving me well. Welcome to the club.. There's a LO hei on 12th.. U can check out the other thread
  13. It's driven daily and batt should be ok