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  1. mafiapete

    XFR Rims For Sale

    Hi all, I'm scrapping my XFR, probably in June. So, selling my original stock 20" rims, swap with yours. S$1.5k for the set. Sold as is. Comes with PS4S which is probably going be be 50% used by then. Reply here if you're interested.
  2. mafiapete

    Undercarriage noisy during braking

    Last time mine was clicking noise during turns. Turns out it's the gearbox mount worn causing propeller shaft to scrape. Not too expensive to fix. Did it at Wearnes.
  3. mafiapete

    aftermarket brake pads/ brake kits

    I think you might be right icebear, might be yellows up front...[emoji5]
  4. mafiapete

    aftermarket brake pads/ brake kits

    I've been on red stuff for front and yellow stuff for rear. Seems like similar amount of dust for both, but definitely much less than stock.
  5. mafiapete

    Engine Oil: 5W30 VS 5W50

    I had pondered the same question earlier too. My spec is 5w20. But my last servicing I used 5w40. No issues so far. In fact I found the engine quieter. But the fuel consumption seem to have gone up... My next change (5k km later)in going for 5w30. Probably getting oil from mxtrading.
  6. Browse some of the threads below as well as the forum sponsors. There's some good recommendations. Currently I'm using the Shell Autoserv at Simpang because it's near my house and know the boss for many years.
  7. mafiapete

    Clicking sound from left rear

    Happen before I change brake pads and actually seem louder after. What was wrong with your ford? Warp brake disc? The creaking sound is the door rubbing against the seal. Normally after waxing. The best solution I know is to use dirty fingers to rub the painted door frame area. (Please don't read literally, it's sounds kinda wrong...)
  8. mafiapete

    Jaguar XFR 4.2 Maintenance

    XFR owner reporting. I've yet to need to pay for servicing as it was always under warranty till now. Servicing at Wearnes is around the $700 mark if I'm not wrong. Definitely cheaper outside and I think for servicing it's safe to do that. But being fussy, I'm quite hesitant to do other stuff outside of agent. Parts at Wearnes are reasonably priced (for an agent), just the labour is a little high as can be expected given their expertise. Insurance is about 4k for me as it's a second car with 20% ncd now. It's classified as a luxury car at AXA.
  9. mafiapete

    Clicking sound from left rear

    Hi all, Has anyone encountered a rather loud clicking sound from the rear wheels at low speed and increases with along with speed? It's happening to my left rear wheel. Tends to happen when cold and gets better with longer drives. I've changed the rear links as they were worn, but the sound is still there. Any ideas? Cheers!
  10. mafiapete

    RE: Paint Protection Film

    Reviving a forgotten thread... Anyone did protection film for headlights so far? I'm exploring for cheap and good ones. Alexandra village bike sticker shop ask for $120 for 2 headlights... Which I think is pricey.
  11. Ah. He must have used the "insert the seatbelt buckle then get into the car, so the car stops chiming" technique. Haha!
  12. mafiapete

    Futile comparison

    What's the OMV of the F-Type? I was told about $100k only.
  13. mafiapete

    Petrol: from 98 to 95?

    I concur with gtan, higher octane seem to give better mileage. I've kept track of this before add a comparison, and generally net net price over mileage is roughly the same. That's why I switched to 98 thereafter. Maybe someone should try over several tank fils and work out the sums to share here as whether jags have the same outcome!
  14. Interesting that he was thrown out despite from the picture the seatbelt still seem strapped to the seat...
  15. mafiapete

    Petrol: from 98 to 95?

    My preference is still 98. So can't really feedback on 95.