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  1. mine is the 2015 facelift version. I have tried twisting in all direction, no luck till now.
  2. I have bought a pair of HID bulb to replace the old one. However, I have difficulties in removing the bulb from the socket. I have tried twisting 10-15 degrees anti-clockwise as some website suggest, but it won't bulge. Have anyone tried and succeed ? TIA :)
  3. Recently encountered the dreaded P006A code. Decided to DIY cleaning the MAF sensor before sending into a workshop for further assessment as my warranty has just expired. My ride is an XF 2.2D Feb 2015 with a mileage of about 65K km. Below are some photos: Error Code: P006A Location of MAF Sensor After removing the sensor. The hot-wired sensor is very dirty from exposure to carbon, dirt and oil particle. Use only dedicated MAF cleaner. Give the sensor unit a thorough spray and let it dry. After the cleaning, the sensor is as good as new...
  4. Just to update everyone who might find this useful.. I have decided to get the brake pads replaced by Auto Bolt. Below are the cost comparison :- 1) Auto Bolt - Front/Rear Brake Pad/Sensors including labour - $680 Down time - about 2 hours including free car wash.. 2) Wearnes - Front/Rear Brake Pad/Sensors including labour - $1050 Down time - not sure, but at least half a day I guess.... All parts are original.
  5. Yes, I know that outside worksop charges only $500-$600 . Now in a dilemma ... Will changing of brake pad by outside workshop void the warranty ?
  6. Recently, my brake pad low warning light starts to appear intermittently. SA quoted me $1200 + to change rear and front brake pad only.... is that reasonable ?
  7. Hi George, sorry for the late reply as I seldom visit this forum. kindly sms me at 91457500 for more details. Thank you.
  8. There's one selling in SGcarmart. In case you are still looking for it http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=492759&DL=1000#
  9. I personally feels that the ride is too 'jiggly' .... after 4 months of driving , I have found the optimum tyre pressure at 220KPA for both front and rear... But there are many bros running on 240KPA.... so I guess everyone has their own definition of 'optimum' tyre pressure..
  10. I am averaging 650km when the warning light turns on.... mine is 2.2D..
  11. Mine was stated as 197BHP in the log card....
  12. You pumped your tire pressure to 255KPA ? How's the ride ? hard, soft, ?
  13. csschong

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    Yes, I noticed too....
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