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  1. idaddy88

    Door lock issue

    Hi bros, one of my door lock is not working. Planning to get the whole mechanism from stockist and fix by workshop. How much is the labour cost ? Any recommended workshop? Thanks.
  2. idaddy88

    Cover found

    Hi I have managed to find out. It's the internal fuse box cover located next to the accelerator.
  3. idaddy88

    Cover found

    Hi I was detailing my car today and found this under my driver seat. I bought a 2nd hand 2014 XF. Anyone can help identify where this belong? Thanks in advance.
  4. idaddy88

    XF 2.0 issues

    Hi bro, my 3.5years shock absorbers are giving out sounds already. How much does it cost to replace?
  5. idaddy88

    2013 XF Boot Opening

    Hi bro, I'm waiting for the delivery. Thanks for the intro. Is the resistance still strong?
  6. idaddy88

    Map light and servicing interval

    Sent it in yesterday. Just received thus. Regards your vehicle for the vibration we will need to replace all engine mounting and gearbox mounting, Aircon not cold need to replace aircon compressor assy estimated cost $6557.50 beside your general service and checking fee, do u want us to proceed? Crazy man!
  7. I find it tough to find a spot to put my mobile so that I can use it for Google map. Our leather dashboard made it worse as the suction cups does not stick firmly with the weight of recent large phones. Hope everyone can share pics of where they place the phones. Thanks!
  8. idaddy88

    Map light and servicing interval

    Thanks. I have called wearnes and arranged the earliest servicing appointment in mid Sep. I have missed the servicing mileage by 7000km. Not sure why the car did not prompt.
  9. idaddy88

    Map light and servicing interval

    Hi all, recently my map light switch on by itself. Google a bit and some results came back that it's a common issue with dirty connectors. But it cost a bomb to fix it. Anyone encountered it before? Will wearnes charge a lot to fix this? The factory warranty is over but I got 2 more years on engine and gearbox from wearnes pre owned. Also, I'm driving a preowned 2014 2.0t petrol XF in Dec 2016. I bought it with 16k mileage. Now it's 37k and there's no indication for servicing. Can I check myself in the car on the servicing? Thanks.
  10. idaddy88

    Undercarriage noisy during braking

    Hi bro, i'm encountering this issue now. During reverse, the metal click sound when I brake while turning the steering. How much does it cost to fix this at Wearnes? How long does it take for them to fix it? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for an experienced workshop specialising in jag sound system. I have some speakers, amp, processor from my previous ride. Don't wish to leave it lying around. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  12. idaddy88

    Panel beaters?

    Hi all, admittedly i have missed this red white pole/barrier next to where i parked. The result is shocking. Any recommendation to beat it back to original condition? Both doors can't close properly and i don't want to replace the doors which will break an arm and leg. Thank you.
  13. idaddy88

    Puchasing Online Parts

    Thank you
  14. idaddy88

    Puchasing Online Parts

    Hi Hi, you can try https://www.jaguarpartsinternational.com/2013-XF-Base-Alternator-p/c2z19766-391929-461878.htm
  15. idaddy88

    Puchasing Online Parts

    Hi, I have found that the driver's door aperture seal is torn. I would like to purchase online and fix it myself rather than getting carrot by JLR. Would like to ask for recommendation for online stores? The part number is C2Z23511. Thanks in advance.