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  1. I don't drive that generation of XF but thanks nevertheless for the information. Looking back, while you said it was "without any warning", were there any warning signs/sounds, even though that you didn't heed back then but looking back were indicative of what eventually happened?
  2. I have more than S$1k in credit with a stockist which I have no use for in the near future, so would like to see if anyone is interested to buy any parts, I can ask for a price, from there if you are happy to deal and after I collect a token non-refundable deposit from you (amount can be negotiated, it should just be a token), I buy on your behalf and you pay me 90% of the stockist's selling price to me (ie. you get 10% discount off the stockist selling price to me). It will be transparent, I will show you that I indeed paid the stockist the price I tell you. If you are interested, hit me up.
  3. Hi, for number 2, you may wish to go to another thread I had started before "Jag XF 2.2D Acceleration Issue". It may be the fuel filter issue. No need a few grant to fix.
  4. Just to provide an update and to share, I changed my fuel filter and the acceleration issue has gone away. Initially it felt as if I couldn't get full power out of the car immediately after changing the fuel filter, but after running it in for a few weeks, performance is back to my enormous relief.
  5. Just to share further on this issue, while not stepping on the brakes fully gives me a chance of not being plagued with the issue (and it only crops up midway through the journey, not at the start), there will be days when the issue will still come back however gentle I have been on the brakes before that. Another way I have tried to 'overcome'/live with the issue, is to rev first before releasing the brakes in order to 'launch' the car. So far it has worked in the sense that I then avoid the sluggish move-off from stationary. What I do, when the car is already at a complete stop, is to transfer from my right foot pressing the brake pedal to the left foot pressing the brake pedal. Then just before I want to move off, I press the accelerator with my right foot before releasing the left foot from the brake pedal. It takes practice to avoid/lessen the jerkiness that comes with launching the car, if I am alone in the car then only I will suffer the consequences but if there are passengers, then it is quite pai seh.
  6. Thanks Speedy. I cannot seem to find much literature on this issue online, maybe it is because it is not a common problem. The mechanic naturally proposed a 'troubleshooting' approach and I'd started with changing the Eco battery, it has been dead for the longest time, way before this acceleration issue ever arose and I'd never changed it because I was happy not to have to switch off Eco mode. Anyway, the battery change did not help. The problem still came back. And unlike Speedy, it is not any in-car camera being a possible culprit because I have none. What I have observed (but not 100% sure) is that if I depress the brakes all the way, that seem to trigger the issue. Based on this theory, I have been stepping on my brakes just enough to bring the car to a stop, but not all the way like you would during an emergency brake. That seem to maximize my chances of having an issue-free journey. That is how I have been living with the problem, although I do also worry about clearing a right turn and not having enough speed to power through once I commit to making the turn. What a bummer.
  7. Thanks Domh. May I ask if you have encountered a similar/same issue with your ride before as well?
  8. Ride is an early 2012 XF 2.2D. Recently, I have been experiencing issues with accelerating from standstill. So far, the problem does not show itself when I start my car, but only when I am in the middle of the journey. I can be at a traffic light and when it turns green and I step on the accelerator, the car does not pick up speed. I notice that the 'rolling speed' (ie. without stepping on the accelerator) is also very slightly slower than usual. What I do is to immediately switch to pedal shifting up from first gear to second. Even then, it will take some time before the car starts picking up speed, then I switch from second gear to third and from there it is back to normal. In fact, I don't know if it is my mind playing tricks on me but it seems like from third gear onwards, the car accelerates more than usual, as if to try and 'catch up' to reach the speed it will otherwise have reached. There is no fault message. I tried to search online to try and see if it is gearbox or transmission issue, but it seems for those problems, there will be an error message. Has anyone experienced this before and what was the issue? Thanks.
  9. Sorry Kenneth, I am probably dense but I do not quite get why you have to change car because of the high COE prices and PARF system. If you have time, educate me a little? Thanks.
  10. Beast

    Basic Queries

    Second that. Another sign is when power steering gets unwieldy.
  11. Beast

    XF Mods

    One photo forgot to remove car plate no.
  12. Beast

    Reverse camera

    Opportune topic for me, my reverse camera started to show bad quality, then totally konked out about a month or two ago, as I never really rely on it, I just left it (relied on sensors instead). If anyone knows a place to repair at a good price, please let me know, thanks!!
  13. Beast


    Thanks. Actually I did go, but unfortunately was not able to gather much. To be fair I went on a Sunday (hoping there won't be so many people), but what the sales person did was to try and find the metal plate on the car with me, rather than go through the records for my ride. So it's all a bit strange. I was told to go back on another day (not a Sunday) and speak to the workshop people.
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