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  1. Hi Bro, there's a GTG coming up (2nd Jun, details in the Event Folder). come join us, and we can add you in there.
  2. Lovely! Bro u have before and after pic? What's the down time?
  3. Woah.. looks good. Can share the damage of dechroming?
  4. Hi please pm me or Gan when you have sign up. Thank you
  5. Looks sweet!
  6. Bro any pic to share?
  7. Wonderful dinner with friendship forged. Happy CNY to all Jag Owners! Boss Keith getting married JCS Premium wishes all members a wonderful year ahead!
  8. Join us during GTg to find out more about our premium membership. See you there!
  9. Welcome to the XE family! I am using iroad.. love it
  10. Welcome to the Family! Enjoy the pick up!
  11. Hi Bro, can share some pic on how to make the replacement? Keen to get some space as my wife has sensitive nose.
  12. Welcome to the family.
  13. That's quite a big drop! i'm tempted to change to 19" too.. =(
  14. Hi Bro it will be available soon Stay tune!
  15. Haiz maybe I will just stick to my google map..