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  1. Whitejaguar

    Eco start/stop & Wearnes aftersales service

    Welcome xtrocious to the cats family. I usually do 2 things after I start my engine; switch off the stop-start and change the aircon to internal circulation.
  2. Whitejaguar

    Air circulation on

    Don’t think there is a permanent switch. I do that every time I start my car. It’s part of the ritual, together with putting on seat belt, turning the gear knob from P to D and switching off the stop-start.
  3. Whitejaguar

    Wheel Alignment

    Hi bro, you can go to Kenny alignment at amk. He is honest, better to call him to make appt.
  4. Whitejaguar

    Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    Thanks for the sharing.
  5. Whitejaguar

    Hi I'm new

    Your is 3 litre?
  6. Whitejaguar

    Hi I'm new

    Nice ride Zack. Do join us for our club get together next time.
  7. Whitejaguar

    New to Jaguar Club, driving to Ipoh

    Welcome and your ride is very nice Kevin. Do join us during our get-together sessions.
  8. Whitejaguar

    Rebooting of Console Screen

    Mine don’t have this issue. Still under warranty? Intermittent issues difficult to solve cos you need to be able to replicate the problem to show Wearnes.
  9. Whitejaguar

    XF 2.2D Owner's Review.

    Welcome to the Land of the Cats. Do join us in our GTG.
  10. Whitejaguar

    Air Con

    Yes, you need to press and hold the button every time you start the car. My dairy ritual when i start my car are to press and hold this button and switch off my auto stop-start.
  11. Whitejaguar

    Air Con

    Yop need to press and hold the re-circulation button for a few seconds every time you start your cat.
  12. Whitejaguar

    Stripped and transformed

    Very nice.
  13. Whitejaguar

    First Jag, first RWD, first week with my XE 2.0D

    Where you did this?
  14. Whitejaguar

    Water temperature for XE

    Thanks guys. Didn't realise this thing is there until I saw this thread.
  15. Whitejaguar

    Basic Queries

    Mine is a 2016 XF.