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  1. Loh_Meow

    Door lights.

  2. Loh_Meow

    Steering Wheel Mod

    Almost did this, didn't want to in the end as CF is too reflective and the wheel feels hard. It's all a matter of preference.
  3. Loh_Meow

    Door lights.

    I also did this on my XE, but have since removed all the image templates as I felt increasingly embarrassed after a while. The lights now cast a solid bright light onto the ground. Way better than the stock filaments.
  4. Loh_Meow

    Steering Wheel Mod

    I've always found the stock steering wheel a little too thin, despite my smallish hands. While I was looking around for alternatives, I stumbled upon carbon fibre steering wheel mods. I wasn't too pleased with the CF finishing, mainly because it was reflective and a tad too loud for my preference. I simply wanted a thicker wheel with more feel. The CF wheels are actually hard (rigid) to touch, unlike the stock ones which feel nice and soft. I found a shop that could do custom wheel mods, and asked if they could thicken the wheel and add alcantara onto the top and bottom regions. Not wanting any down time, I bought a brand new "S" steering wheel (first pic). This was incredibly difficult to find and I had to get one with the full suite of switches, paddles included. I fitted this onto my car and used it as the interim, then modified the original. The end product turned up quite nicely (2nd and 3rd pics). It was not as perfect as I would have liked, but it was good enough. There were some regions where you could see how they padded and folded etc. But seriously, it's nitpicking. How does it feel? Nice, thick and soft, though a tad firmer than stock but still extremely comfy. I also specified red stitching, so that matched the seats and dash. The shop did mention that the job was unusual as most people wanted CF wheels, and those could be done overnight. My wheel took 3 tries over 2 weeks. I wanted the factory look, and I got it. This is going to keep me happy for a while until the next mod :)
  5. I have the updated firmware with the new interface. No Android Auto or Apple Play. I was told these options are not enabled for our region.
  6. Did you order the SIM card option for the vehicle? If not, I think the hotspot function is not applicable. The hotspot function is to allow your phone to connect to your car as if it is a wifi router. Earlier software versions were buggy, so the page showed up when it was not supposed to. I used to see that option until the latest update. It was clear to me it was a bug, they were not hiding anything.
  7. Loh_Meow

    My full tank only gives me 380-400km .

    I get about 5-6km/L on a V6 SC. It's a given that the bigger engines and heavier cars will suck in fuel economy. My wife's Yaris does 15km/L without even trying.
  8. These parts were removed from my MY18 XE-S. All parts are in prestine condition. They were removed by Wearnes as I did my upgrades with them. No broken or bent clips for the grill and Vents $800 for the grill and Vents, $200 for the shift paddles. Kindly PM to deal.