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    XF 2.0 Petrol
  1. WpJag

    Door lock issue

    Hi Idaddy88, door u still have the old parts for the old latch mechanism?
  2. WpJag

    Crankshaft Pulley Premature Failure

    Just to prepare myself for this as my XF 2.0 registered in July 2014 is nearly 89000 km. Is yours a petrol version? I will have it checked during my next service at my regular workshop.
  3. Hi folk, like to ask if any one had replaced their 2014 xf2.0 driver door latch mechanism. If so, do u still have the old unit or a picture of it as I am not sure if the unit found in the Internet is the correct part. Current problem faced withDriver Door can't lock & unlock with smart key and dash buttons. With drive away locking, it does not lock even so all other doors works as normal. it can be locked and unlocked with the driver lock lever and still activate the central lock. Driver door won't lock with the any external door buttons even so other doors are locked. when the driver door is locked using the lock lever, it can be opened by the passive keyless entry with the smart key near the door. hope to have your guidance or if anyone has purchased from any internet site before.
  4. WpJag

    aftermarket brake pads/ brake kits

    Hi Merlionman, have you replaced to the red stuff ? Care to share what you replaced including the price and part number? I am new to this site with my preluv 2014 XF2.0 and in need of replacing to low dust ceramic pad as the indicator is already lighted up. @chrispat, is your spare red stuff still available?
  5. WpJag

    Autobolt Servicing Promotion

    greatly appreciate this recommendation. am new to this club and bought my pre-luv ride last Jan and still enjoying it.
  6. WpJag

    Autobolt Servicing Promotion

    did you replace a matching rotor with the evolution ceramic pads? If yes, can you guide to the part number for the front and back rotor.
  7. WpJag

    Autobolt Servicing Promotion

    Hi Chris, could you advise your experience on these brake pads? indicator lights came up and considering to replace them with ceramic but still looking at what is good possibily with the rotor.
  8. WpJag

    Time to bid farewell.....

    Hi how to pm u to offer the shades?
  9. WpJag

    Selling Stock 18' Jag XF Rims

    What’s the pricing ?