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  1. jellybean

    Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    Recently informed that my engine mounts (under warranty) are due for change which is causing interior vibrations. Was told by Wearnes that there is no need to change the transmission mount yet as it is still functional. Question : Is it a must to change both engine mounts and transmission mount together as a set? Or the engine mounts and transmission mount can be replaced independently? Thanks for any advice in advance!
  2. jellybean

    XF Main Battery

    Thanks for the reply bro! How many months of warranty does SKM Motorworks provide for the battery?
  3. jellybean

    XF Main Battery

    Has anyone gotten quotes from both Wearnes and Autobolt for XF's main battery before? What is the expected damage from either workshops? I read somewhere in the forum that it cost $500 from Autobolt but not sure if this is still the case. Thanks!
  4. jellybean

    STA evaluation services.

    Besides STA, any other workshops that provide similar evaluation services?
  5. jellybean

    Horn beeps when unlocking doors.

    Thanks XFS. Will try this evening to see if any of the doors or boot cannot open after unlocking.
  6. jellybean

    Horn beeps when unlocking doors.

    Thanks for the response Khairister! The 2 "horn beeps occurs when I try to "unlock" the car. When "locking" the car, the doors lock normally and there are no beepings. Only when "unlocking", the car will horn twice. When the car is locked, the fuel flap appears to be secure. But if you apply slightly more pressure on the flap, the spring mechanism gives way and it actually opens. Not sure if others are experiencing similar issue.
  7. jellybean

    Horn beeps when unlocking doors.

    Hi all, want to check if fellow cat owners have experienced the following and can share what they did to resolve the issues: 1) When unlocking the doors, the car horn beeps 2 times. This has never happened before and is puzzling me. 2) When the car doors are locked, the fuel cap is not securely locked and still can be opened. This is odd because if the doors are locked, I would expect the fuel cap to be secured as well. Thanks all!
  8. jellybean

    My first 12 days of ownership

    Hi all, my maiden post in this forum as a new owner of a 2015 2.0 GTDi XF. Recently sent my cat to Wearnes for servicing and would like to provide both process improvement suggestions as well as compliments to the service consultant (I'm a strong believer that good service should always be lauded). Can someone please PM me the appropriate Wearnes email address that I can provide the feedback to? Many thanks!