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  1. Ic. I did a check w gan tuning singapore via their facebook page. Initially, they said they got it but subsequently replied saying that jag ECU is too sensitive so advised me not to get it. Is installation easy? You know how to install it?
  2. How different is the drive before and after installing? Use for how long? Still under warranty? Any engine check or error lights on after installing? Price? Thank you.
  3. I tink the engine size diff is 50%.
  4. Actually, juz press on the up shift gear paddle and hold for a while then it will switch back to Auto.
  5. Hi Folks, I saw from racechip singapore facebook post that one XE 2.0T installed racechip GTS with them. May i know if the owner is in this forum? If yes, can share your experience? At the same time, im also trying to gather info or reviews on TDI tuning. Thank you everyone in advance. Cheers and still have a good weekend ahead amid the current covid-19 situation. Stay safe and healthy.
  6. Just whack cos JAG is never about good FC (except for hybrid models), its the sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and thrill you gained while u r pumping the accelerator behind the wheels... 😄
  7. Yup. So don't 2nd guess but to get it checked if you feel uneasy. If don't feel anything, just continue to drive on and life goes on...
  8. Just diesel or petrol versions also affected?
  9. So they do have this problem consistently.
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