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  1. ft8478b

    XF 2.0 / 2015 (Without GPS)

    Fully agree...
  2. Item still available. Please be genuine, serious and respectful of everyone time. Thank you. Cheers.
  3. Matt Black Fibre Material Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust Tip Style for XE. Slightly smaller by about 1cm but can still be installed via minor modification. However, i prefer zero modification so my loss is your gain. Letting go at SGD120. Cheers.
  4. ft8478b

    Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust

    Hi Folks, Anyone installed rear diffuser for quad exhaust tip on your XE? I shipped in one from China but it is short by about 1.5cm. Kindly share and advise if you gotten one that fit nicely. Thank you in advance. Cheers Fed
  5. Came with the car. Headking S2000. Comfort drive and its extremely quiet. No patching done before. Very fresh tyres as all are manufactured in 10+ weeks of 2019. Selling off as i prefer high performance tyres. 225/45/18. $220 for 4 pcs. 97636820
  6. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Now u sounded much better. Its autoimage at sin ming. Anyway, sometimes its juz luck if u happen to be assigned a technician that isnt tat experience or happen to wk up on the wrong side of the bed on that day. Age of your ride matters too as panel will degrade as time passes. Dun touch, no problem. Once touched, it might juz cracked. In short, we can do our research and go to those workshops with good reviews but also be prepared that shit happens at times too. Enjoy ur mods.
  7. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    https://esattoaudio.it/esatto-comado-series/ S62.
  8. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Let me know. Cheers.
  9. ft8478b

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Just did a simple upgrade of front speakers which cost me $680. It sounds so much better now. 🙂