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  1. Hi Folks, I saw from racechip singapore facebook post that one XE 2.0T installed racechip GTS with them. May i know if the owner is in this forum? If yes, can share your experience? At the same time, im also trying to gather info or reviews on TDI tuning. Thank you everyone in advance. Cheers and still have a good weekend ahead amid the current covid-19 situation. Stay safe and healthy.
  2. Just whack cos JAG is never about good FC (except for hybrid models), its the sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and thrill you gained while u r pumping the accelerator behind the wheels... 😄
  3. Yup. So don't 2nd guess but to get it checked if you feel uneasy. If don't feel anything, just continue to drive on and life goes on...
  4. Just diesel or petrol versions also affected?
  5. So they do have this problem consistently.
  6. Initially i wanted to buy it as the CSO told me over the phone that the coverage is same as what we have for our 1st 3 years and quoted me around 2.8k for 2 years which i felt is decent since it also cover our battery. However, when i asked them to drop me an email on this, they quoted me 3.8k which is 1k more. I was shocked and i checked w them where went wrong, they insisted that what quoted over email is correct. I standby what was communicated to me via the phone and requested for them to extract the phone recordings as proof. To my surprise, they told me that they extracted their call records and cannot any between me and their CSO despite the facts that i can show proof of my call records on on hp with them which i screenshot and sent them. My take is that if they can juz conveniently lost their records, how can i trust them on other stuff. As such, i already dropped this idea of extended warranty with them as i already lost my confidence and trust in them. I also did a check w the jag specialized workshop outside and they shared w me tat it is definitely good to have extended warranty but the 4th and 5th year are usually ok and problems usually surface thereafter. They also proposed that i can test market by asking wearnes if i can buy warranty beyond the 5th year. I also did a check on the prices of some parts w the workshop and it seems quite okay so I have decided to keep the money and self warrant. Will monitor and decide if i want to cont to own my XE or sell off when i hit the 6th year. Happy 2020 everyone!
  7. Item still available. Please be genuine, serious and respectful of everyone time. Thank you. Cheers.
  8. Matt Black Fibre Material Rear Diffuser for Quad Exhaust Tip Style for XE. Slightly smaller by about 1cm but can still be installed via minor modification. However, i prefer zero modification so my loss is your gain. Letting go at SGD120. Cheers.
  9. Hi Folks, Anyone installed rear diffuser for quad exhaust tip on your XE? I shipped in one from China but it is short by about 1.5cm. Kindly share and advise if you gotten one that fit nicely. Thank you in advance. Cheers Fed
  10. Came with the car. Headking S2000. Comfort drive and its extremely quiet. No patching done before. Very fresh tyres as all are manufactured in 10+ weeks of 2019. Selling off as i prefer high performance tyres. 225/45/18. $160 for 4 pcs. 97636820
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