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  1. Hi Dear friend, The warning light , <battery not charged> only appeared instantly after the fault as the battery charging alternator is also driven by the pulley belt.
  2. Hi, I am new here and his is my first post I think it is good for me to share with the XF buddies here for safety reason. I had my XF(May 2015, milage 87000km) towed back to Wearnes at mid of June because of the crankshaft pulley fault, because the steering wheel can hardly be turned at all. I was very lucky as it happened suddenly without any warning when I was moving very slowly out of the immigration checkpoint exit area, not at highway. The steering wheel cannot move because the steering pump had stopped. This pump is driven by the pulley belt I would consider this is a premature failure of the coupler material which is usually an elastomer. Owners of the same batch manufactured in early 2015 should consider replacement of the pulley to avoid unforeseen accident
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