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  1. Understand that you can do this with XJ but not XF.
  2. I always like your contributions. Power [emoji1377]
  3. Not sure. Suggest you check with Wearnes and share with us your findings.
  4. There are several options. Join us for our meet up and you can discuss face to face.
  5. The service is indeed under pressure given that they are selling more cars than before. Great news I heard they are building an 8 storey Car park and building at the back of Wearnes. They are working on it and I have good confidence with them [emoji1360].
  6. I asked before. Nope there isn't any.
  7. Even then must continue to join us for gtg Bro!
  8. Congrats and good luck! Huat ah!!
  9. Still no Malaysia properties for me. Haha. Watch this space and see if it is really good to invest in Malaysia for long term.
  10. How is your driving habit? The dpf needs certain drive behavior. Suggest you do a search in forum and website first. There are quite a bit of info already there.
  11. Yes
  12. No one should want to discuss this in forum as tuning voids warranty. Okay if your cat is outside of warranty period. So if you have no time to come gtg, you may never know.
  13. Groomwerkz [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  14. Of course bro!
  15. Yes I believe there are options however none LTA compliant for now.