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  1. You can go Autobolt to let them have a look. I have had similar cases and they fixed it for me.
  2. XFS

    RE: Sound System Upgraded?

    Sounds cool. Maybe you can join our next meet up so that we get to hear it. Cheers!
  3. XFS


    Try Autobolt. Call 92329154 and look for Roger.
  4. XFS


    If your car is under warranty, bring in to Wearnes. If it is out of warranty, you can try Autobolt.
  5. XFS

    Door lights.

    But it is nice. No need to remove. If shy, just say it is stock. Haha.
  6. XFS

    Horn beeps when unlocking doors.

    When you unlock and you hear horning twice, I suspect one of your doors was not able to unlock. Meaning the latch "jammed". Try physically opening every one of your door and boot. If there's one that cannot open, then that should be the door causing the double horn.
  7. XFS

    My first 12 days of ownership

    If you go into Wearnes website, go into the "Contact Us" tab, scroll down and you can see a "FEEDBACK". I think that should work.
  8. XFS

    Rims repair

    $30-$50 per rim depending on conditions.
  9. Suggest you go outside workshop with Jaguar experience to take a look. You can try Autobolt. They are at Premier @ Kaki Bukit.
  10. Still available? Asking for a friend.
  11. XFS

    Rims repair

    Just repaired my badly scraped rims at Groomwerkz. After the repairs, my mood uplifted. [emoji38] Before repairs After repairs
  12. I would like to have the accessories bag.
  13. XFS

    Goodbye jag

    Take car and hope you enjoy your new ride too.
  14. XFS

    Cafe Hopping Singapore

    You know the your coffee well!
  15. XFS

    Windscreen washer liquid

    Don’t put rain x, or any water with wax content. Or you will get juddering due to the wax.