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  1. XFS

    Testing Thread

    Tested reply from Tapatalk
  2. XFS

    Baby Cat's Servicing (XE)

    Mine on 7th year. Regular annual servicing and doing nothing special. So far so goood. Join us in the coming meet up to hear more from owners themselves! All welcome.
  3. Not to be used with credit card. Billing will be by giro on bi weekly basis.
  4. How can a 318i be better than a XE? No way!
  5. Sharing some photos of our CNY Lohei on 26 Feb 2018 at Majestic Restaurant. Group photos and also award to our Best Motivator Kaki Keith for year 2017!!
  6. XFS

    Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    It is Singapore weather. And also whether the car stays under sun long hours or not. Mine has not problem on the buttons even thou car is coming to 7 years.
  7. XFS

    Sticky and disintegrating buttons

    If you had join last Friday’s gtg, we would have share a simple diy to fix this. I believe it is also shared somewhere on this forum. Buy a solution to clean it. Do it gently. If there are markings, be super light and slow. Some of kakis in gtg have experience, I only heard from them.
  8. XFS

    Hi I'm new

    Join us here!
  9. No more points system. This is based on cash discount only.
  10. XFS

    Puddle lights

    Understand that you can do this with XJ but not XF.
  11. XFS

    2013 XF Boot Opening

    I always like your contributions. Power [emoji1377]
  12. Not sure. Suggest you check with Wearnes and share with us your findings.
  13. XFS

    Servicing and Place of Service

    There are several options. Join us for our meet up and you can discuss face to face.
  14. XFS

    Lousy Customer Service from Jaguar

    The service is indeed under pressure given that they are selling more cars than before. Great news I heard they are building an 8 storey Car park and building at the back of Wearnes. They are working on it and I have good confidence with them [emoji1360].
  15. XFS

    XF - 6 & 7 Year Service Package

    I asked before. Nope there isn't any.