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  1. Hardly used & in good condition. Selling at S$1000 (slightly nego). Interested please contact +65 9699 9028. Thanks.
  2. Understand from our local store, they doesn't have the classic cognac color. Item bought in Korea, BNIB Retailing around S$1100 Selling S$700 (slightly nego) Interest please contact +65 9699 9028
  3. Amac

    WTS Tudor Black Bay

    Thank you very much! Item sold [emoji6]
  4. Hi All, WTS Tudor Black Bay for S$3,300.00. Local Set comes complete with box, August 2013, still under 2 years international warranty Actual piece. Interested please contact me at Thanks, Amos
  5. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Lol don't dare la..... [emoji16]
  6. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Ooo lol lol ok ok understand now..... I mean any good place to recommend? Like famous spot, cafe, etc..... [emoji6]
  7. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Never go before just exploring the possibility but unlikely to rent s car there..... Hmmm ok Ipoh Any nice place to visit?
  8. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Take cab from Singapore to Penang?
  9. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Probably by flight or take coach for sightseeing
  10. Amac

    Penang - place to visit

    Hi guys, Anyone has good advise on how should we move around while in Penang? Cheers! [emoji6]
  11. Amac

    Cafe Hopping Singapore

    Check this out, "wheelers yard" at balestier area.... Nice cosy place & lots of bicycle stuffs [emoji6]
  12. Amac


    Thanks for the updates man! Please continue to contribute if anyone knows any upcoming sales around Singapore [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  13. Amac

    Cafe Hopping Singapore

    Sharing this from "on the table" at pasir panjang [emoji6]
  14. Amac

    Cafe Hopping Singapore

    Can share some pictures please..... [emoji6]