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"Is your motor insurance expiring?"

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Let us source for you the best possible insurance premium for your vehicle. I didn't say cheapest, I say best!
Because if you want the cheapest, you wouldn't have bought a Jaguar!


Why should you let me represent you?

1. I am like your personal insurance Concierge. There's no easier person to reach than me. Whether by SMS, Whatsapp, Email or Calls, I respond to your enquiries before your phone can go back to sleep. Whether its at night, in the middle of the night, weekends or public holidays, I am always at your service. Try that with other motor insurance agencies...

2. I am an immediate support when you get into a car accident. I will tell you what to do, how to react, what pictures to take, how to private settle and what NOT to do in a car accident.

3. I am on your side, I don't represent the insurance company, I represent you!

4. Most insurance agents specializes in Life Insurance and do General Insurance (Motor) on the side. I specialize in General Insurance and its my primary business! If you want professional Wealth Planning Services, you may look for Mike or Lawrence.

5. Other than Motor Accident claims, I can advise you on Hospital & Accidental medical claims.


Don't waste time with online quotes, however cheap they claim their premium is... these companies want you to liaise directly with them so they can find ways to short-change you!


Just email the following information to luke@algplanners.com

Vehicle owner details :

- Full Name :

- NRIC :

- Date of Birth :

- Gender :

- Marital Status :

- Occupation :

- Driving License Pass Date : (found at the back of your Singapore Driver's License)

- Vehicle No :

- Renewal NCD :

- Past 3 years claims info :

- Contact No :

A Copy of  Your Renewal Notice


For more details, you may also reach me at 8333 9397

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