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SONAX Nano Paint Protect.

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SONAX Nano Paint Protect


12 Months Protection







This Revolutionary Professional Product creates a Glossy Protective layer that repels Water and Dirt and protects the Paintwork against Environmental damage for up to 12 Long months!



It is visible Waterphopic Characteristic is the proof of it working harder for you everyday, protecting your car's paint work. 



Giving you a sense of pride owning a perfectly maintained car and increasing its value when it needs to be Sold.









The SONAX Research & Developement team has succeeded in developing a special dispersion made from silicon nano-particles which far exceeds the durability of waxes and sealants. 






After a detailed Paint Correction and Polishing of the paintwork, Sealing in the flawless Paintwork with SONAX Nano Paint Protect is a wise and economical choice to protect your painwork all year around.






SONAX Nano Paint Protect has a dirt-repellent effect so the car stays clean for longer period saving you time and money for less frequent car washes.



Even stubborn dirt such as insect residues or tar stains are minimized to cause damage to the paintwork and can be remove easily






This product is for exclusive for Premium Professional Partners only.








Products of the SONAX ProfiLine range were specially developed to meet the needs of Professional Valeting/Detailing and produce the best results when executed with proper tools and techniques by a Skilled Detailer.






Do note :






This treatment requires a full day duration, in order for us to do a detailed Paint Correction and Polishing before finally Sealing the Restored paintwork with SONAX Nano Paint Protect. 



We also need time for the product to cure and harden in a controlled environment for it to maximise its potential.
















SONAX Polymer Netshield



6 Months Protection












The SONAX ProfiLine Polymer Netshield is the latest Arsenal in SONAX Professional Car Care Portfolio, Developed to Specially compliment the SONAX Nano Paint Protect.



- Enhancing the Gloss and Deepening the Colour further



- Enhancing the Waterphopic Characteristic to improve the water beading effect even more!



- Combats Watermarks.






SONAX Polymer Netshield has been specially developed to Combat watermarks and excels extremely well in this aspect.



Working hand-in-hand with SONAX Nano Paint Protect to enhance the Hydrophopic Characteristic and further protecting your Paintwork






*Please note that SONAX Polymer Netshield is a professional application and will not be available on retail.






The SONAX Profiline series is the highest grades of the SONAX Portfolio developed.



Surpassing the Retail range of the Xtreme series available on retail.  



This range was set aside for exclusivity for SONAX Premium Partners.












We are located at TradeHub21, 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-145






Our Opening Hours are:



Weekdays 11am to 9pm



Weekends 12pm to 7pm



Closed only on Public Holidays


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Jason & Josephine dropped off their babies after their wedding and head off to their Honeymoon.

We took our time to do a full detailing job for these beauties under our care and both cars are coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.






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Jeric's SLK spotting a Original WALD Kit that is so menacing!
Paintwork is peppered with water spots and machine swirls, car wash scratches and is losing its shine and clarity.
We went thru 3 Step Paint Correction and Finishing Polish and seal it up with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield









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Next Up is a super steady bro MZ.

Communicated via PMs and Whatsapp and as promised when he was ready, booked a slot with us to have his C180 done up with some B'Shine Grooming's TLC.

The Paintwork was last worked on 1 year ago and was PPSed by another Detailing centre. We are glad MZ has chosen us this time round to do a Full Correction and seal in the gloss with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.









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Yan had recently had his Jag polished and was not satisfied with the result and made a appointment to come down and have us look at the situation.

The Paintwork was marred with a lot of machine swirls and holograms that inhibits the gloss and clarity from the paintwork. Other than some moderate water markings on the roof, boot and bonnet. Pretty much everything wasn't a big issue at all.

He opted for a Full paint correction and chose SONAX Nano Paint Protect + SONAX Polymer Netshield as his Paint Protection System.

The Condition of the Paintwork when it came in




Removing Water spots with our Rupes Big Foot 15.


Finished Product







Before we end the post...

Let us do a selfie!



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KK had recently respray his C Class to Pearl Satin White with a full C63 Kit at our Trusted Spray Paint Partner.

The new paintwork was allowed to fully cure and complete the gassing our process for more than a month before sending in to us to a full correction and to protect the paint with a Paint Protection system.

Going thru KK's maintenance habit and also expectations he decided to go for SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield. A unique 2 layer system that will protect the paintwork for 12 months with minimal maintenance.







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We are honored and excited to be able to lay our hands onto such a Classic and rare car that still ply the streets of our sunny island.

It's always different working on Classic Exotics like this and we cherish the oppurtunity and trust that our customers have for us.

The owners are always so passionate about their cars that we want to give it our fullest 100% as they can really appreciate our works behind all of it.

This 1986 Pininfarina designed Ferrari Testarossa (literally meaning "Red Head" in Italian) was left with us for 3 days for do a full Exterior and Interior Detail.

It sports a a 4.9 litre Ferrari flat-12 engine mid mounted engine with a rear engine placement to achieve a 60 rear 40 Front weight distribution to ensure it turns as well as it goes.

As far as being Classic and Old School sentiments The paintwork after being  detailed, 2 Layers of SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax was chosen for that Glow and Shine that intensely deepens the Detailed Paintwork colour.

We present you,

Pininfarina Ferrari Testarossa,

Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.













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Having pick up his Boxster S.

Alan also made a appointment with us for his Mercedez-Benz S350 for following week for the exact same treatment.

We are always encourage and glad to get referrals and also when our customers have faith in us to send in their 2nd cars.

We view it as a form of trust and faith in our services and compliment and this keeps us striving to constantly improve ourselves.

Paint Corrected and Finished.
Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield.







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This time round, we will like to feature more of a customer than his cars here.

L was a referral from one of our trusted customner. He has always been a car nut and goes to great extend to maintain and detail his cars himself using top end products during the weekends.

One reason was that he actually do enjoy doing it himself and have never sought a professional detailing service as he said he did not know or trust one enough and couldn't bare to leave his babies.

He even parks his most beloved car in his Living Room. That is car love to another level. :thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup

He recently bought a Subaru STI S204 from a friend and wanted to do a full Exterior and Interior Restoration and dropped by to have us inspect the paintwork.

The car is still on its stock Paintwork was marred with Swirls, Water Marks and Random Scatches. The door sills and boot drains was choked with junk and its in a serious need of some TLC.

We got down to work to do a full paint correction on this Stock Subaru paint, which is notoriously known for being thin and soft.

We then advise to have the car coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield as the characteristic of the paint will be more suitable for a yearly full correction and recoating.

The Interior is given a our Premium Interior Package with Full Steam Spa.









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Just a brief write up on one of my favorite daily car in the market now.

The Porsche Macan S. A Sports Car that is Practical but not Ordinary. 

Powered by by a 3.0L V6 Turbo. This car can move when you need it to in such a refine way and also cruise along when you just wanna sit back and enjoy the open roads.

With 5 doors and 5 seats. With plenty of space for hobbies, leisure, sports and lifestyle and a long history heritage of the famed German Badge. 
It is actually my most desired daily driven car for the family. 
(If i can ever afford it)

We have 2 Porsche Macan S in the house.









One is coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.
The other is coated with Beeds HD Ceramic Coating.

Depending on you lifestyle and maintenence habits.
We will be glad to recommend a product and customize a package for any drivers.


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The Morgan Aero 8 is a sports car designed and hand built by Morgan Motor Company.
Purely a Family run business and all their cars are built by hand.

The Aero 8 is the first new Morgan design since 1948.
It does not use anti-roll bars, an oddity in a modern sporting car. It is also the first Morgan vehicle with an aluminium chassis and frame.
The car runs on a 4799 cc V8 built by BMW.

Definately not a car you see often on our roads.
Lacking some simple creature comforts and also the modern technology 

Makes this a real passionate hobbyist car and only the owner can truely understand the love and attracttion thats hard to explain.

We are very proud, humbled and extremely excited to be able to spend the weekend with this elegant british lady and showering her with lots of love and attention. The B'Shine Grooming Way.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.
Layered with 2 layers of SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax. A must have for all old school Wax Lovers.











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Our good friends over at Exquisite Marques referred us their customer to have his Maserati Quattroporte detailed and groomed as a final gift as he was planning to sell it away.

He went for our Standard Detail and chose SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax to finish off the job for the exterior.

Took up our Premium Interior Service to have the leather interior bits rejuvenated and applied on with Swissvax Leather Milk.

He might even wanna keep the car now.








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B'Shine very first Bull.

Was always worried that our building ramp up access and humps may deter the super cars from visiting. 
Apparently with the lifters engaged, It passes with ease!

This Bull was left overnight with us for us to work on to remove minor surface scratches and paint defects.

The sheer size and intricate shape of the car gave us a good challenge.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield for 12 months of fuss free maintenece and Show Room Shine Always.










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Had a call from a long time friend that we haven't been in touch with for a while.

He explained that he is going to loan out his car as a Bridal car for his Brother in Law the coming weekend and wanted to groom his car as it was in a pretty bad shape.

He told me that it was a Maserati GT in white and had not been taken care of for a couple of years.

My initial thought was, no worries, let me sort it out for you and we made a appointment on thursday as the days before that were full.

Arriving on thursday and driving it under our workshops light for inspection. I knew something was clearly not right.

There was deep swirls, water etching and oxidation all over the car and even clearcoat/lacquer failure on the horizontal panels which usually suffers the most abuse from the sun and also weather elements.

Who would have expected that such a Maserati will be in this condition???

To make matter worse, he can only give me 1 day to complete the car as he car has to go to the bridal studio for flowers tying and running errands the next day.

Limited in time and also the limited amount of clearcoat that we have to work on. We had to balance Haste with Finesse working on the already thin clearcoat without causing even more damage to the paintwork.

Its not a perfect job in the end but I think we made it slightly better and more presentable for the wedding. *phew*











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Big Shoutout to our good friends at Exquisite Marques sending this beautiful Ferrari 599 GTB for our detailing services.

"Do your stuff and make it nicer than it should"

Working late and going thru a 2 Step Correction and Finishing Polish.
I am glad we improved this Azure Blue 599 pain tjob to one which is deeper and with much better clarity.

We are glad that this Prancing horse is not a usual Garage Queen and the horses packed in the engine bay are able to stretch its legs to the North.

Evident from its Battle scars on the front of the car and wearing it with pride.











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Big shoutout to our friends at Exquisite Marques sending us this one of a kind 370Z Fairlady.

Spend 2 good nights with her and we didn't bare to let her go.
Bryan always have a soft spot for JDM styled cars.

The Car was down for close to 3 months to have the full car kitted with Full Amuse Vestito Kit and respray including the engine bay.

When we got done to working on the paint to eradicate any slight imperfections and extracting every bit of gloss and clarity to its fullest potential, we cant help but appreciate a spray paint job done well.

Clear coat was hard as @$^&**$%#@ and really took some effort to correct. But once done, the deep colour and clarity came through so beautifully and we fell in love.

Let us now go emo for a bit and hope to see this beautiful Fairlady soon again.









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Mr Low was referred to us from one of our Regular.

Having picked up this Cayman S from a direct seller recently.
He made a appointment to have the neglected paintwork rejuvenated and protected using SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.

A unique 2 Layer system that enhances Gloss and provides Protection for 12 months long.

We had quite a tough time with this job but persevered and had the job completed after 10 full hrs.







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Had the privilege to provide our services for this Maserati Granturismo.

Big shoutout to our friends over at Exquisite Marques for their continued trust in us and also support.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming

Treated with SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax.

Perfect for the old school Wax lover.

Interior done up with our Premium Interior Service. Loving Swissvax Leather Milk!

Dont mind the F430 lurking in the background. The Limelight belongs to the GT for now.








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Ferrari F430 coming in for some B'Shine Grooming TLC.

Its given a Full Exterior Decon, Rims Detailing, Clay service.

2 Step Correction and layered with 2 Layers of SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax.

The Signature Ferrari Red literally popped!








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Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since we have updated our thread as we were working hard during the pre CNY period to serve our customers with all our heart.

We will like to take this chance again to thank all our customers that have entrusted us with their cars to have it groomed for a great start to the New Year!

Also to share some of the more interesting cars that we had the chance to work on since we last updated.

As Bryan is a huge JDM fan driving the Honda FD2R himself.

He really had a great time working on the few iconics JDM that we recieved.

First up!

Honda Civic Type R EK9

Amos had been a long customer turned friend that been to us multiple times.
His previous FD2R that was respray and detailed by us has been sold off due to a growing family.

Having gone a full circle to different cars, he has settle back to this iconic Honda EK as his personal toy car and also another MPV as a family one.

The EK was also sanded to the bare metal and resprayed from the ground up. Allowing the paint to cure and ready to receive a full detail and coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield PPS coating.

We arrange for John, a customer turned friend who is a hobbyist Car Photographer to come by for a shoot for this iconic car as well.

I am pretty sure its easy to spot which are the ones taken by our Point and Shoot Camera VS John carefully set up shots.

Will love to improve on our photography skills in the near future.
















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Next up.

Mitsubishi  Evo VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition.

It took Tommi Mäkinen 4 rally championship wins for Mitsubishi to launch a special edition to his name.

This extremely rare and pristine unit in the original red and while strips is indeed a collector's item now.

We are honored to have the owner's trust to do work on it to restore it to its glory it deserves.

We will also like to thank John for popping by to take a few quality photos for it before we let it go.













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Its always nice serving returning customers that been with us for years.

Taking the time each time to actually catch up and chit chat about life and such.

Lance is a good example of a customer turned friend that been with us since the very beginning.

Coming back for the 3rd time to have his car detailed and have the SONAX Nano Paint Protect PPS coating for his Freelander2.

He came by with his beautiful daughter to pick up the car and we had a great chat as I myself just had a baby girl too.

He shared many great parenting tips with me which I am grateful for.

Providing excellent service and also building a long lasting relationship is what we always strive to do and hope we will always be of good service for many more years to come.








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