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SONAX Nano Paint Protect.

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Mr Goh's Porsche 911 Carrera S in Black.

In a limited and rare Majula Singapura Edition!!!


We are glad we were entrusted with this beauty and got to get up glose and personal with her.

The car posed some challenges along the way but we are glad we manage to overcome them as Mr Goh did not rush us in anyway.

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine Grooming.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & 
Polymer Netshield.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system from Germany (Stringent TUV Certification) that combines Nano and Polymer Technology.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months (warranty) and more!

Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202






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Hamid was a customer that drop by after locating us on SGCarMart listing, this was about slight more than 3 years ago if my memory serves me correct.

He was driving a 7 - 8 years old purple Vios and was just looking to do up a polish and sealant service for his car.

Upon completing our service, he pick up his car(satisfied I hope) and he left.

He "liked" our facebook page after and from Facebook, I realise that we had some mutual friends. (Power of Social Media!) 

The next time he visited again, he opted for the same service and this time we had a good chit chat where we talked about those mutual friends and also that we found out that we were from the same school even.

There will always be some customers that we can relate better to on a personal level and connect, and Hamid was definitely one of them.

We always strive to deliver a professional and personal service all our customers and Hamid has became more like a friend now.

Being a Orthopaedic himself, he given me professional advice on a knee problem that had been bugging me for years and not only introduce me to his recommended Orthopaedic Surgeon to perform my knee operation last Nov. He even went on to help me set up the appointment with a shorter waiting time.

7 months after my operation, I have him to thank for now I no longer suffer in pain after a long day of detailing at the workshop anymore.

Its relationships like this that we slowly forge with our supportive customers that we really come to  treasure. Moving beyond a Service Provider / Client role and basically becoming friends.

Hamid has come back with a Honda Vezel that he bought 15 months ago and had sent it for a PPS coating back then. He was coming in again for a Full Recoat again and we had our usual jokes and banter.

"We are unable to do your car unless we remove the Liverpool Decal"
I am a Man Utd Fan and David is a Arsenal fan. 

Although I repeat this every visit, it may sound silly but still provides 2 silly men with some laughter.

His car was filled with decals and I struggle to find a good space to stick on ours and sadly, it has to be stuck together with the Liverpool decal.

However, there is 1 decal that we approve of! 
"The Best is Yet To Be"

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system from Germany (Stringent TUV Certification) that combines Nano and Polymer Technology.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months (warranty) and more!

Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202








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Andy had approached us for a SONAX Nano Paint Protect Service for his Z4.

When he dropped off the during his appointment, he told me its that he was actually gonna sell his car to a close friend the following day.

I then suggested to do a Standard Grooming Package instead as that's what usually people will do to keep cost down.

But he insisted on the Paint Protection service instead as he wanted to do it for his friend for a "Steady and Quick" deal.

Huge "thumbs up" for Andy for being such a Steady Bro.

Hope his friend enjoy the benefits of driving a car that has been Paint Protected!






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Nissan X-trail getting some TLC with us recently.

We been getting comments from some customers and friends that it seems that we are generally only doing Conti cars nowadays.

The truth is that we love working on all cars and treat all cars the same.

The difference in the car makes paintwork usually requires different kind of treatment and methods when we go about perfecting the paintwork as much as we can prior to coating any Paint Protection system.

I took a scroll down our FB page albums and you can see we really started off doing a lot of Japanese and Korean cars.

The soft sticky paint is much easier to correct but post more of a challenge when it comes to finishing.

Here we have a Hot Chilli Red Nissan X-trail corrected and finished by us and coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield.






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Chris' Infiniti Q50 on SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.

Was suppose to be a pretty routine session but the car had many tiny weeny white paint spots all over the car from the repainting of Chris' Condo.

Removing these paint spots without causing excessive damage to the paintwork is a slow and paintstaking process.

Work dragged on till 8 pm in the end.

Thanks your trust and patience.

Paintwork Corrected and Finished by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.









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Raymond had collected his Audi A3 3 months back and had been meticulously self maintaining it all along.

He started noticing light swirls and some bird poo and water etching happening and had ask Lance who is has done up the SONAX Nano Paint Protection system with us for recommendation.

Raymond then drop by and had a chit chat with us to find out more abt how we carry out our services and made a appt with us a few days after.

We did a Light Correction and 2 Steps Finishing Polish that brings out the Red and achieving a really deep gloss effect.

Coating and Sealing it in with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield.

German Technology on German Technology.







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Mr Chia had saw our recent work on a Black S350 and drop by and see if we could do the same for his E250.

Only owner for 5 years, never groomed or resprayed before.
MB Stock Paint at its full glory and also defects.

After accessing the damage and did a little of fact finding abt the history of the paintwork. We were confident of taking in the job and an appointment was made and Time was what we really needed.

The car was left with us with the arrangement of 2 days to work on, and more if its needed to.

Deeps Swirls, Water Etching Removal on a Mercedes-BenzES250




Deep Scratches that requires some wet sanding.


Check out our Virgin Video Edit!

1 - SONAX Cut Max on SONAX Wool Pad. Flex Rotary
2 - 1500 and 2000 Grit Spot Wet Sanding
3 - SONAX Cut Max on Car Pro Flash Pad. Flex Rotary
4 - SONAX Perfect Finish on Sonax Green pad. Flex Rotary
5 - Rupes Finishing Polish on Finish Pad. Rupes 15

Coated withSONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.








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Frankie had collected his Toyota Harrier 3 weeks ago and drop by wanting to have it Paint Protected by SONAX Nano Paint Protect as soon as possbile.

Even with "New" cars, sometimes the process is not as simple of just coating the Paintwork straightaway.

As the car will most likely had gone through a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) which includes a grooming session as well. The Machine Swirls and Holograms caused by Coarse Polishing needs to be cleared and finesse up prior to the application of any PPS.

A Single Stage Paint Correction and Finishing Polish was carried out and further cleanse prior to coating of the SONAX Nano Paint Protect.

Check out our video edits of paint inspection.





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Chris had dropped by after a few exchange via PMs to have a non obligatory assessment of his car.
It also help us to serve as a ice breaker and also get to know his requirements and also to answer any doubts and queries that he might have.
Aside from some usual Light Swirs and Water Etching on the Paintwork that was inhibiting the Gloss and Clarity of the unique colour from shining through.
The Paintwork is in decent shape and we were confident of doing a 95% - 100% correction on this.
There were also 3 obvious dents that Chris wanted to have them repaired via PDR (Paintless Dent Removal).
We went thru different systems that we can use for his car after we are done to protect the paintwork.
Traditional Waxes, Polymer Sealants, Sonax Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield and also Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.
He then made a appointment to drop off his car and will decide on choice of PPS on the day itself.
Having dropped off the car in the morning, Chris then decide to go with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield System.

 Rear Right Door Panel
LEFT : Original Condition when it came in. Marred with Swirls
RIGHT : After a 2 step Correction with a Finishing Polish to be completed.


After we are done with the Exterior, A Post Polish Wash is done and also the Paintwork is then Cleanse with SONAX Paint Prepare to remove any traces of Oil, Wax, Polish Residue etc from the Paintwork.
We then Proceeded to Coat on the SONAX Nano Paint Protect and allowed to cure.
A 2nd Layer of SONAX Polymer Netshield is then layered on top to create a Unique 2 Layer Paint Protection System.
Just some photos to share of the Final Result.





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Mr Wong was refered by a friend and had drop by to have us take a look at his XJL.

The car now is coming to 3 yrs old and had some defects as his line of work requires him to visit sites pretty often.

After a good chit chat and getting to know his preference and also his expectation.

He decided to take up our Intensive Paint Correction Package and to have the Paintwork protected with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield.







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Born and Bred in Italy.

Tuned and Enhanced in Germany.

Love and Enjoyed in Singapore.

Novitec Ferrari Modena 360 in for Light Correction Detail and 2 Layer of SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax Goodness.










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The Morgan Aero 8 is a sports car designed and hand built by Morgan Motor Company.
Purely a Family run business and all their cars are built by hand.

The Aero 8 is the first new Morgan design since 1948.
It does not use anti-roll bars, an oddity in a modern sporting car. It is also the first Morgan vehicle with an aluminium chassis and frame.
The car runs on a 4799 cc V8 built by BMW.

Definately not a car you see often on our roads.
Lacking some simple creature comforts and also the modern technology 

Makes this a real passionate hobbyist car and only the owner can truely understand the love and attracttion thats hard to explain.

We are very proud, humbled and extremely excited to be able to spend the weekend with this elegant british lady and showering her with lots of love and attention. The B'Shine Grooming Way.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.
Layered with 2 layers of SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax. A must have for all old school Wax Lovers.











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William's BMW 5series coming in for our SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield Treatment.

Being a management fleet car that was used during the Singapore Airshow,

the car came with moderate water etching and also swirls that can be easily rectify with a 2 stage paint correction.

Paintwork Refined and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with SONAX NPP and PNS.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system that Combines Nano and Polymer Technology from Germany. (Strigent TUV Certified).

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months and more.







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