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Hi Guys - 

The Glass in the wing mirror on my F-type was recently cracked and I want to replace it.

Sadly, the quote from Wearnes is $1,200++!

Can anyone recommend a local shop that can cut a piece of mirror to this shape to replace it with.

I am willing to forgo the electronics link at this point, considering the dealer's expensive option :( . . .

Any advice on where to look for someone to make this piece of organic shaped glass would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Best, - PC 

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If you can DIY, you can get it from 淘宝. Search 捷豹f-pace后视镜片. Example here 复制这条信息,打开????手机淘宝????即可看到【捷豹XJ XFL 捷豹F-PACE XF XE防眩目 后视镜 倒车镜片 左右】¥yq3tSWQY9N¥


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