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XF 2.2D Owner's Review.

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Hi everyone,

New to the Jaguar ownership with the purchase of a 3yr old used unit. Chose this over the usual German marques as it feel like the most 'Gentlemanly' good looking  car..
Coming from a PSA Diesel make previously, I understood what it was  to own/drive/maintain an oil burner.

Here are my thoughts:

1) The XF, which is  2.2D Ford Sourced Euro5 PSA e-HDI unit, sounds really rough at idle(Esp on cold start) and the vibrations can be felt on the pedals and comes thru steering colomn. Though mostly ok on the inside, if i were to blindfold myself and stood outside, i would have thought it was an blue Sonata for hire. However once warmed up and on the move, the NVH improves dramatically and it bec hushed and refined, inperceivable from a petrol. Just when you thought all is good, the rattle of stop/start system once again reminds you of what lies in front.

2) The 8 Speeder ZF which is tuned for economy on D is lazy on the downshifts, generally smooth/predictable shifting on light application of throttle. Give it the beans and it runs up/down the gear not seeming very sure where it once to be. However if you switch to S and you do the latter, it becomes very certain of what it is doing and rewards you right foot inputs. Generally it works well in exploiting the torque you get from the power unit.

2) Ride is definitely biased towards the sporty spectrum with the ride quality feeling 'lumpy' esp on poor road surfaces, with it getting better as the speed increases. Once up to speed and in corners, it is in its element and the handling really shines with little body roll.

 3) Brakes pack quite a bite and stops the vehicle very competently.

4) FC, for what is expected on a diesel, is rather poor @ 12-ish km/L. But power and refinement(heft) comes at a price, which on this case is very worth it still.

5) Within 1 week of ownership, and the autodipping mirror have already failed(potentialmeter calibration issue) and both wing mirrors groan and squeak as it closes. That being said, Wearns has been very  professional in handling my feedback and has taken to resolve that under warranty with no fuss. This experience is a huge step up from the Sime Darby experience. 

Lastly, looking to learn alot from the seniors as the online literature of this make/model is rather limited.

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On 8/11/2017 at 6:56 PM, newjaguar said:

Welcome to the Land of the Cats.  Do join us in our GTG.

Thanks. Would love to!

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