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Conversion to LED headlights & exhaust system upgrade

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Dear bros

Happy May 1st!

I'm looking for workshops that are able to convert the standard headlights to LED. Been also trying to find one to change the original muted exhaust system for a more throaty tune and free flow performance, but the usual shops don't do Jags. Any bros with recommendations pls? Thanks in advance!  

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If you have an x250, I have a set of Minagallery Quad exhausts.  

MY MOT Test deemed these illegal in Hong Kong as they were seems as after market replacements.  So had to take it off.  

I only used them for less than 200KM.  So virtually new.

It definitely provides a throatier exhaust in the low ranges of 2500 - 3500 Revs


Details of the exhaust can be found in www.minagallery.com

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On 5/1/2019 at 6:38 PM, eavr4 said:

Which gen XF driving? I was running LED on my 2010 X250. Quite a bit of work. Frankly HID is fine.

As for exhaust, new toy in the market is Acoustic Soundbooster





Nice. Mine's X260.. doesn't seem to have any aftermkt exhaust systems for it

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